Snehojit Khan

Experience Tata Tiago through virtual reality

The company's print innovation urges consumers to experience Tiago through a DIY virtual reality headset and virtual drive app.

Tata Motors has come up with an innovative idea to promote its newly-launched Tiago car by providing a free basic virtual reality (VR) set. The set has arrived in homes as part of the four-page ad supplement with the April 12 edition of the English daily The Times of India. The ad was carried in the Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru editions of the newspaper.

Experience Tata Tiago through virtual reality

The four-page ad of the car, which features brand ambassador Lionel Messi and the free VR set, has been created with the aim to provide a multi-dimensional driving experience of the Tiago while sitting at home. The users have to download the Tiago Virtual Drive app from the Play store or the App Store and then view it on the VR set provided with the newspaper. Using the VR sets the whole experience of taking a drive in a Tiago right from one's home, without stepping out can be recreated. The app also includes information about the car including its features, specifications and the price. Those interested in the new car can watch the 360-degree virtual drive video on YouTube as well.

Tata Motors recently re-christened its hatchback Zica and called it Tiago after the spread of the deadly Zika virus, which coincidently sounded similar to the name of the car. The name Tiago was finalised after the brand team crowd-sourced options from consumers.

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