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5 star once again does nothing and takes advantage of the FIFA World Cup

The chocolate brand has changed its logo to five green stars resembling the five stars on the Brazilian team’s jersey.

Cadbury 5 Star, the chocolate brand from Mondelez India, is back with the second installment of its 5 stars everywhere campaign. 

The chocolate brand has changed its logo to just five stars in green on its packaging. Now, anyone watching the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar will see the brand’s logo on the Brazilian jersey, as 5 Star would like to claim. The jersey carries five stars above the country’s crest to celebrate its five world cup wins. 

“We’re not allowed to ‘name our’ main ambassador. Oops,” the brand tells viewers in a sly reference to Brazilian football player Neymar. Brazil is in the running to pick up the FIFA World Cup trophy for the sixth time this year.  

The #5StarsEverywhere campaign is part of the brand’s Do Nothing campaign which urges consumers to do nothing and take a bite of 5 Star instead. The ad notes that other brands are spending millions of dollars on sponsorship, but the company has done absolutely nothing but tweaked its logo to leverage the ongoing FIFA World Cup as a media property. 

Recently, the company has changed its logo to five stars believing that the next time someone rates a product or a service on the app, the customer will find their logo. That’s the brand recall value for them. 

And most importantly, the money spent on the whole campaign was ‘zero’, claimed the brand.

With this new logo, 5 Star is looking to find other mediums for free advertising over the coming weeks, by leveraging this bizarre approach. 

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