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5 Star's F.N.S Cringe Vinash crosses the international date line and erases Valentine's Day

Hosts Tanmay Bhat and Samay Raina helmed the mission to erase Valentine's Day.

This Valentine’s Day, Cadbury 5 Star achieved its ‘Erase Valentine’s Day’ campaign! The brand launched a time-travel vessel set to cross through the international date line on February 14 as part of the mission to erase the mushy 24 hours in a single minute.

For D-Day, the brand onboarded Tanmay Bhat and Samay Raina to helm the mission from the control room in Mumbai. The scheduled crossing was shared with the world through a Youtube LIVE event to witness the volunteers champion the Samoan seas and cross the International Date Line— erasing Valentine’s Day for all those who want to get away from all the mush.

Viewers even got in on the action, voting for the 'cringiest' things they have witnessed. At the same time, the volunteers on the ship dialled in the stream via a live video call and shared some personal anecdotes to add an extra layer of hilarity to the mix.

As they approached the Date Line, Tanmay and Samay guided ‘F.N.S Cringe Vinash’ in a countdown and celebrated when this mission was accomplished.

According to the release, the YouTube livestream engaged with brand’s core target group of 18-34 years and reached over 65 million people with more than 1.6 million views, 35000+ concurrent viewers and over 15000 comments. On social, the campaign delivered 108 million reach and 300 million impressions.

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