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Now an ad for Milton 'Shot on iPhone'

The campaign highlights the brand's latest innovation - 'leak-lock steel tiffins'.

Milton, known for its functional range of houseware, has released a TVC for its latest innovation - the 'leak-lock steel tiffin'. The ad has been shot on an iPhone. It was launched as part of the brand's ongoing 'Kuch Naya Sochte Hain' campaign.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy Mumbai and directed by Bauddhayan Mukherji from Little Lamb Films, the film depicts how Milton's new technology prevents leakage/spilling of food during the tiffin's daily journey from home to office through a rough city life.

Now an ad for Milton 'Shot on iPhone'
Anurag Agnihotri, executive creative director, Ogilvy, tells us that it was Mukherji's idea to shoot the ad on an iPhone. Commenting on the challenges, he says, "Our display is HD, so there is no difference in quality between a traditional camera and the iPhone. We had arranged for the kind of lenses we wanted for the shoot. There was quite a lot of post-editing work though."
Now an ad for Milton 'Shot on iPhone'
"It is always challenging to do a great product demo. What I love about this piece of communication is that it focuses on the core product benefit throughout and yet takes the viewer on a journey that is both engaging and entertaining," adds Kunal Jeswani, CEO, Ogilvy & Mather.
Now an ad for Milton 'Shot on iPhone'
The campaign, targeted at housewives, will run on national and regional TV channels. It will also be promoted on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
Now an ad for Milton 'Shot on iPhone'
While leak-proof plastic tiffins have been in the market for a while, Milton claims to have raised the standard of innovation by incorporating leak proof technology in the steel tiffin. As a houseware brand, Milton's philosophy has been to celebrate the love and bonding among family members which is expressed through food, especially by mothers and housewives.

Ajay Vaghani, managing director, Hamilton Housewares, states "As leaders in the consumer housewares segment, we constantly strive to provide innovations to solve day-to-day problems faced by our customers."

Hamilton Housewares is a manufacturer, wholesale supplier, distributor and exporter of houseware across the globe. Its flagship brand, Milton, was founded in 1972. Other popular brands include Treo, Claro and Spotzero which are also designed to solve daily problems faced by modern Indian consumers desiring quality products with maximum utility.


Now an ad for Milton 'Shot on iPhone'
We asked Kailash Surendranath, ad film maker and founder, Kailash Picture Company (a film production house), how he likes the ad and what he thinks about its production value.

Appreciating the film for its candid and real look and feel, he says, "I quite liked the underlying theme of the tiffin culture of Mumbai's work force. The song playing in the background also illustrates the product benefit well." However, he does point out a few anomalies such as the set-up shots (home and office) and seaside shots being unsteady.

According to Surendranath, the ad being shot on an iPhone is not relevant because it doesn't add or take away anything from it. "Such films can be as effectively shot using a GoPro or any compact hand-held camera. Also, using a small unobtrusive camera is convenient for certain locations such as a railway station where guerrilla style shooting is required to make the feel more candid and to avoid crowd control. Quick and easy! So saying it's the first iPhone-shot ad in India sounds like a gimmick to arouse curiosity or perhaps as an oblique pitch for Apple."

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