Sankalp Dikshit

Brands have begun Diwali messaging...

A look at some spots that stood out - so far.

As Diwali inches closer, brands offer a variety of ads on the platter. Did your favourite Diwali ad make it to the afaqs! list? Read on to find out...

Hike Messenger

Messaging company, Hike Messenger has released a new ad film for the upcoming festive season that's been crafted and conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson India. The minute-long video features the title, 'Hike - The Homecoming' and attempts to capture the spirit of the festival which is generally celebrated together with the entire family. The ad follows the journey of a boy who travels all the way from his campus to his home to surprise his family. However, the ad takes a completely different route thereby providing an anti-climax.

Brands have begun Diwali messaging...

Hike Messenger's new ad titled - 'Hike - The Homecoming'


Lenovo has come up with a new Diwali ad for its Laptop/ Notebook hybrid line, 'Lenovo Yoga'. The ad, which is close to three minutes in length, is titled, '#GiftThemAFuture this Diwali'. It portrays a day of a retired bank officer who continues to go to his old office even three months post his retirement. The ad concludes on a positive note when his son gifts him a new Lenovo Yoga laptop and advises him to start his own venture.

Brands have begun Diwali messaging...

Lenovo's new ad titled - '#GiftThemAFuture this Diwali'


Online grocery store, Bigbasket's new ad is titled, 'Bigbasket - Easy Wali Diwali'. The video informs viewers that they can now get their hands on sweets from the most reputed 'mithai-walas' across India by simply ordering online via Bigbasket. The ad opens with an individual visiting his friends on the occasion of Diwali. This individual is left spellbound when he is offered different varieties of sweets from around the country. The ad campaign has seen two films so far.

Brands have begun Diwali messaging...

Bigbasket releases new ad titled - 'Easy Wali Diwali'

Reliance Fresh

Reliance Industries' retail business, Reliance Fresh, has launched its new ad for Diwali which lasts for roughly two minutes and is titled, 'Dil se Manao #BadiDiwali'. The video portrays various situations which bring home the idea that on Diwali, one should let themselves lose and enjoy the festival to the hilt.

Brands have begun Diwali messaging...

Reliance Fresh releases new ad titled, 'Dil se Manao #BadiDiwali'


Ecomm giant, Amazon, has released its new ad campaign titled, 'Join the #Sellerbration'. The ad campaign has launched three new videos and interestingly all three target the seller and not the buyer. The campaign was conceptualized by Leo Burnett Orchard and went on air with digital films that leveraged drones to break through the festive clutter. Through the drones, the films simulated customer walk-ins, facilitating customers to virtually share their wish lists with sellers in addition to highlighting how they transcend geographies to fulfil millions of even the smallest Diwali wishes. The second phase of the campaign was kicked off with a digital film titled, 'Thank you, sellers of India' which is a poetic ode thanking the sellers for their efforts.

Brands have begun Diwali messaging...

Amazon's new ad titled, 'Join the #Sellerbration'


Flipkart's new ad goes with the hashtag, '#ShubhBhiLabhBhi'. The brand is promoting its 'Big Diwali Sale' through the new ad in a humorous manner. The ad, in the brand's signature style, has kids enacting the roles of adults. The short ad has a runtime of 30 seconds and was released on the brand's YouTube channel on October 8, 2017.

Brands have begun Diwali messaging...

Flipkart's new ad titled - #ShubhBhiLabhBhi

Pepperfry, an Indian furniture and home marketplace, has launched a new marketing campaign ahead of the upcoming festive shopping season. The campaign includes two short films and stars actor Rajkumar Rao in one of them. The films have been crafted and conceptualised by Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi. The campaign has been built on the idea that Indians shop to fulfil multiple aspirations during the festive season.

Brands have begun Diwali messaging...

Pepperfry's new ad titled, 'Pepperfry's Happy Diwali Sale is here!'

Dainik Bhaskar

Dainik Bhaskar has come up with a new digital video that urges viewers to pay respect to people belonging to different sections of society. The film follows the relationship between a woman and her domestic staff. The woman of the house goes an extra mile by celebrating Diwali with her domestic staff.

Brands have begun Diwali messaging...

Dainik Bhaskar's new ad

Ghadi Detergent

Under the umbrella theme of '#SaareMaelDhoDaalo', RSPL's laundry detergent brand, Ghadi Detergent, has released its latest 'Diwali' ad that aims to shatter stereotypes. The brand has already released two ad films in '#SaareMaelDhoDaalo' earlier this year on the occasion of Holi and Eid. All these films have been crafted and conceptualised by ADK Fortune.

Brands have begun Diwali messaging...

Ghadi Detergent's new ad titled - Is Diwali #SaareMaelDhoDaalo


Finnish multinational communications, information technology and consumer electronics Company, Nokia has released a new ad film for the Indian market. The film portrays a story of an endearing relationship between a mother and her son. The mother accuses her son of always being on his mobile phone and so, on the occasion of Diwali, the son ditches his phone in order to spend time with his mother.

Brands have begun Diwali messaging...

Nokia's new ad titled - 'Gift your time this Diwali'