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Will Anushka Sharma's wild histrionics do the trick for this brand?

A look at Kerovit's maiden TV spot.

When was the last time you saw an A-list Bollywood actress vibrating or gyrating on a toiling seat and going berserk in an artistic, if not arresting bathroom setting? Before your mind starts getting racy, we are not talking about Vikram Bhatt's new erotic thriller; we are, in fact, referring to Anushka Sharma's new ad which refuses to conform to the age-old trickery of bathware advertising.

Will Anushka Sharma's wild histrionics do the trick for this brand?

Kerovit has released its first ad film featuring brand ambassador Anushka Sharma

Kajaria's bathroom decor and fitting brand, Kerovit, which came into existence three years ago, has released its first ad campaign featuring its recently appointed brand ambassador, Anushka Sharma. The newlywed actress is seen entering her neighbour's house in search of her dog where she is spellbound (literally) by the gorgeous bathroom, captivated by the fittings and then shown indulging in some crazy antics.

The minute-long ad which has been crafted and conceptualised by Crayons Advertising, may give one the initial impression of 'just another fun ad', however, it breaks free from a major advertising trend that dictates that bathrooms are labelled as a sexy space, in general. Think about any sanitary ware ad and chances are that visuals of models wearing itsy-bitsy clothing while romancing the bathroom will come to mind. Be it Katrina Kaif's Johnson Bathroom video or the ads by brands like Roca and Jaquar, all have sensuality at its base. But are bathrooms really that sensual?

Will Anushka Sharma's wild histrionics do the trick for this brand?

Sensual ads have dominated the sanitary ware category. Katrina Kaif's Johnson Bathroom ad is one such example

In order to understand the reasoning behind this deviation from the norm, we got in touch with Rondeep Gogoi, senior creative director, Crayons Advertising. He says, "It (the ad) made Kerovit stand out like a lighthouse in the sea of bathroom ads shot at high speed. The brand came across as peppy, quirky, cool, and stylish. All attributes which will help it connect with the young and the young at heart. Hence, we went straight for the heart; neither above it, nor below. Not taking ourselves too seriously helped us hit it right in the centre."

Rishi Kajaria, joint managing director, Kajaria Ceramics, says, “The category is such that product display is of utmost importance. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that different brand’s ad should all look similar. That is what motivated us to take a completely different take. It is a very fresh take that has never happened in Indian advertising for a sanitary ware brand. While others have highlighted the beauty, glamour and functionality, we have ably included a humorous element to create a fun-filled TVC that will be remembered by all for a long time to come.”

Will Anushka Sharma's wild histrionics do the trick for this brand?

Rondeep GogoiSpeaking about the most challenging part of working on this ad, Gogoi says, "First, it was identifying the right brand ambassador and the second was utilising her in the right way. A combination of which led to this winner." The ad, which was shot in a day's span, portrays Anushka Sharma in a goofy avatar. "When we discussed this choreography with Anushka, two days before the shoot, she said, 'let's do it right or let's not do it'. But the way she performed was just brilliant and blew us away!" adds Gogoi.

The ad goes with the hashtag - #KerovitIsFreedom. "Create a connection with young India," was the brief provided by the brand, shares Gogoi, "... and I came up with Kerovit is Freedom!"

Will Anushka Sharma's wild histrionics do the trick for this brand?

Rishi Kajaria

Hit or Miss?

In order to get the experts' take on the new ad, we decided to speak to Mayuresh Dubhashi, executive creative director, GREY group India, who tells us that this Kerovit ad reminds him of the perfume brand Kenzo's ad by Spike Jonze. In that video too, the protagonist is seen dancing eccentrically for no rhyme and reason.

Will Anushka Sharma's wild histrionics do the trick for this brand?

Kerovit ad brings to mind, perfume brand Kenzo’s ad by Spike Jonze

Will Anushka Sharma's wild histrionics do the trick for this brand?

Mayuresh Dubhashi

Will Anushka Sharma's wild histrionics do the trick for this brand?

Vibha Desai

Dubhashi feels that the equation between the brand and its ambassador is the key to success in this case. He adds, "Showcasing the product range by a celebrity who is known to be contemporary and stylish is what will help the brand. The tone of that messaging could be sexy (like in some other brands) or comic. The central message of the ad is, 'Kerovit is freedom' and that gives Anushka the freedom to express herself in the way she wants to. Also, irresistibility is another aspect of the brand that needed this treatment."

Vibha Desai, director, Vibha Desai Consulting, is not too happy with the ad. "My first reaction was - I don't like it. If they are trying to show humour, it's not at all funny," says Desai.

Desai also finds the storytelling to be weak. She points out that the ad is no different from other sanitary ware ads. "If you look at the first half of the ad, the bathroom is shown as a beautiful and slick space; isn't it the same thing in all these ads? She sees the bathroom, she thinks it is exotic; she is also wearing very 'Bollywood clothes'... So, what's the difference? The only decent thing about this ad is Anushka Sharma's dance on the toilet seat; her expression is rather wild!"

However, the million dollar question remains - will this ad help the new brand in garnering enough eyeballs or will it be lost in the sea of TVCs that keep coming and going? Dubhashi says, "It's got Anushka Sharma and she's dancing to a quirky track. That's eyeball material!"

Agreeing with Dubhashi, Desai too feels that Anushka Sharma's presence will be the reason for this campaign's success. "Interest in Anushka is high right now and it will help the brand. Also, the frequency of exposure to this ad will decide whether it'll be noticed or not," Desai signs off.

Agency Credits:

Client: Kerovit

Agency: Crayons Advertising

Creative team: Rondeep Gogoi, Sunny Kundulum

Client Servicing: Ranjan Bargotra, Anil Kapoor, Saumya Harit

Directors: Arun Gopalan, Ken Rolston

Production House: Storytellers

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