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Wavemaker and Ogilvy launch Effectiveness Lab in India

Branded content will be Effectiveness Lab's first area of study

Wavemaker, GroupM’s media, content and technology agency, has partnered with creative powerhouse Ogilvy, to create a first-of-its-kind 'Effectiveness Lab' in India. The collaboration, between the two WPP agencies, will develop data-validated points of view on creating effective communications across consumer interaction platforms.

Wavemaker and Ogilvy launch Effectiveness Lab in India
CVL Srinivas

According to the press release shared by the agency, branded content is the first space the Effectiveness Lab will explore, probing how consumers respond to different content strategies, creative approaches and formats.

Wavemaker and Ogilvy launch Effectiveness Lab in India
Kartik Sharma

Speaking about the new venture, CVL Srinivas, country manager, WPP India and CEO, GroupM South Asia, says, “At WPP, our focus is to provide horizontality across our agencies and create a seamless structure to provide effective solutions. While we have a wide range of services on offer, the focus of our agencies is on creating efficient solutions to help our brand partners strengthen their engagement with the audience. Launching the Effectiveness Lab as a combined initiative by Wavemaker and Ogilvy is a great example of this.”

Wavemaker and Ogilvy launch Effectiveness Lab in India
Kunal Jeswani

Kartik Sharma, managing director, South Asia – Wavemaker, adds “...By being able to better understand how content moves consumers to action along their purchase journeys, we’ll be able to help our clients to make informed decisions on how and when to create engaging content and therefore drive growth for them across their consumer journeys.”

“The Effectiveness Lab will bring the best minds at Ogilvy and Wavemaker together to throw light on creative effectiveness across new age platforms. With digital communications across multiple platforms becoming core to any integrated campaign strategy, the industry needs new thinking on effectiveness. Ogilvy has always stood for Great Work That Works. The more informed we are, the better we will get at delivering creative effectiveness,” says Kunal Jeswani, CEO, Ogilvy India.

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