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First cameras had smile detection, now its kiss detection on Google’s Pixel...

Google’s Pixxel 3 camera gets an upgrade.

Pride is in the air and love is all around. June marks Pride month all over the World and in a LGBTQ friendly move – Google has announced that its Pixel 3 camera will get an upgrade. The photo booth mode on the camera will now get a ‘kiss mode.’ The mode detects when two people are locking lips and clicks a wide angle selfie automatically. This is reminiscent of the face detection and smile detection technologies introduced by yesteryear Sony and Olympus digital cameras. This is also a feature that Google had introduced previously in their photobooth mode.

The ad features both heterosexual and LGBTQ couples and is a montage of the different types of kissing photographs that can be taken with the Google Pixel 3’s camera on the photobooth mode.

Fortune reports that to further their cause of supporting the LGBTQ community, Google provided a $1.5 million grant to the LGBT Community Center of New York City to create 'Stonewall Forever'. The interactive moument was announced in 2017 and it contained historical artifacts and oral histories of the early days of the pride movement, all in a digitized format.

The technology for the camera was launched on April 16 2019, but the ad film for the same was uploaded 3 days ago. “We worked with photographers to identify five key expressions that should trigger capture: smiles, tongue-out, kissy/duck face, puffy-cheeks, and surprise. We then trained a neural network to classify these expressions. The kiss detection model used by Photobooth is a variation of theImage Content Model(ICM) trained for Google Clips, fine tuned specifically to focus on kissing,” they explained in a blog post.