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Irrelevant CVs prompt hilarious recruitment post by adman

This also reminds us that BITM's Pat is a copywriter turned entrepreneur.

Prathap Suthan (lovingly called Pat) is the managing partner and chief creative officer at Bang In The Middle (BITM). In his post, Suthan mentions a host of occupations and skillsets (from taxidermists to seismologists) which he would not be hiring, being an ad agency person. He places them vis-à-vis the rather sought-after tricks of the trade like planners and UI/UX designers.

Irrelevant CVs prompt hilarious recruitment post by adman

Prathap Suthan

"Yesterday morning, I received a CV from a US-returned logistics guy. How on earth would I provide a job for that skill? He's not the first person, but he was definitely the tipping point. The only logistics that I could think about in my office was about arranging tea and biscuits. Ad agencies previously had a traffic department which would track the jobs (agency work) coming in and going out. Mine is a relatively small unit, I don't have that department," Suthan says.

He adds, "On average, I get ten job-seeking e-mails a week. Of that, almost five are separated from the ad industry. At times there are exotic applications; there was a guy from sericulture (keeping silkworms). And then there are people from external fields who want to get into advertising, like someone from biotechnology. I also posted a year ago saying that I don't have problems with people writing to me seeking a job, but it has to be something that I can do. And then there are absolute strangers seeking recommendations on LinkedIn. It's a great platform for hiring, but that stranger could be a serial killer, how do I know?"

Here's the post. It first appeared on Suthan's LinkedIn profile.

Dear job hunter,

Here's a helpful note if you're writing to me for employment. I am not looking for doctors, engineers, or bodyguards. I have nothing for chemists, taxidermists, or shippies. I am not recruiting for avionics, plumbing, or military strategy. I don't need architects, interior experts, lawyers, or salespeople with national exposure. I am also not in the business of hiring cereologists, gemologists, and seismologists. I run an advertising agency. I work with servicing execs (MBAs), planners, web techies/designers, coders, UX|UI designers, graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, social media content creators, animators, film editors etc. If your skill sets match what I do in my agency, feel free to send in your CVs along with relevant vimeo/behance/dribbble links. When I start a biotech division, nuclear power biz, or get into myrmecology, I'll let you know.

Please hang on till then.

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