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A peek at the ads which stood out this Diwali

Not the run-of-the-mill ones you are assured

It is that time of the year when you must switch off your devices. No, it is not because you ought to take a step back and soak in the Diwali spirit.

It is the countless ads that have captured every space and emotion around this festival leaving many with no unique thought. The ads are everywhere, everybody is watching them, and everybody is exhausted.

Are you worried about the pollution levels the crackers cause? There is an ad for it. Looking for cruelty-free sweets, I am sure we saw a spot on it. Wish to order organically made vegan crackers that roar like a dragon high on an energy drink? Just skipped its ad on YouTube.


An AI-Diwali greeting wala ad? Dikhadunga. Surprise homecoming from videsh mein bacchaa? Bilkul Dikhadunga. Making a new employee or neighbour feel at home during this time of the festival? Ekdum dikhadunga.

In an age where every movement or spot is measurable, why blame the brands?

One is exhausted typing this. And yet, the good reporters at afaqs! have listed the Diwali ads they loved the most. For them, the urge to turn the lights off against the avalanche of Diwali ads is meek compared to the glittery thrills of watching YouTube at work.

Walk to The Light by HP India

In the midst of numerous festival campaigns during Diwali, the technology brand HP has distinguished itself through its meaningful campaign.

HP India's Diwali campaign Walk to The Light, is a really beautiful film. Created by Simple Creative Inc., with Media Monks, it tells the story of an elderly couple entering the digital world. It follows the story of Sajan Handicrafts, a small shop run by the couple, and how a young girl named Lakshmi helps them digitise their operations using an HP laptop.

Through the film, HP highlights its commitment to supporting small businesses and empowering them through digital initiatives. The campaign celebrates the journey of small businesses in India as they embrace digitalisation and showcases the role of digital education in their success.

Last year HP released a Diwali film Thodi si jagah bana lo conveying compassion and support for traditional artisans and local businesses facing post-pandemic challenges.

#PassingThePapdi! by Flipkart

In a unique twist on the Diwali gifting tradition, Flipkart's 'Passing the Soan Papdi' campaign has taken the festive season by storm. Soan papdi, a staple in Diwali celebrations, has now become the focal point of an innovative marketing strategy.

With the social media landscape already inundated with soan papdi memes, Flipkart's campaign adds a playful layer by turning the traditional 'passing the parcel' game into a nationwide phenomenon.

The concept is straightforward - pass the soan papdi to another recipient, and Flipkart unlocks an exclusive deal for the day. Opt to keep it, and the brand won't entertain any special offers. The simplicity of the deal has resonated well with consumers, creating a win-win situation, particularly for those not fond of soan papdi.

To document the journey of the GPS-tracked soan papdi, Flipkart has launched a dedicated page titled Big Diwali Sale Papdi. The campaign has covered major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Lucknow, and Patna.

Indeed, Flipkart has turned soan papdi into the unexpected star of Diwali marketing, blending tradition with innovation to create a buzz both online and on the streets.

JioUtsav Celebrations of India by JioMart

JioMart, Reliance Retail and JIo platform's e-commerce venture, recently enlisted cricket legend MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador, releasing a series of ads subsequently. In a heartwarming JioUtsav ad series, Dhoni, reflecting on missed festive moments, shares a touching exchange with his niece.

He emphasises the importance of exchanging wishes during celebrations, albeit omitting the fact that he doesn't have a phone.  After wishing, you visit your loved ones with gifts. His niece, suggesting JioMart, playfully nudges him to order a phone and festive sweets online.

The ad resonates by blending Dhoni's cricketing triumphs with familial warmth. It humorously highlights the ease of using JioMart for festive needs.

Dhoni's acceptance of the suggestions and a playful reminder to seek blessings adds a charm towards the end of a 45-second ad.

A peek at the ads which stood out this Diwali

In addition to the ad, the company has made the campaign more visible near Diwali with OOHs.

#IlluminatingLives by Luminous India

Luminous Power Technologies stands out with a distinctive and meaningful campaign, #IlluminatingLives, embodying the radiance of shared joy, as the name suggests.

The film is conceptualised and executed by AutumnGrey and directed by Deepti Nangia. It amplifies the theme that the true beauty of Diwali lies in the warmth and love we share and the smiles we bring to the faces of those who matter.

The narrative unfolds with Raman, a driver, and his 'madam.' Addressing his boss as 'madam,' she reciprocates with equal respect, referring to him as ‘Raman Ji’. The film captures a poignant moment when Guddi, Raman’s daughter, requests him to bring a battery for the emergency light.

He happily shares with his boss how Guddi dedicates 14 hours a day to her studies with aspirations of becoming the first doctor in his family. Later, his boss surprises him with a Luminous Ultra Charge battery for Diwali, expressing, “Humare parivaar se ek toh doctor nikalni chahiye na.” This gesture beautifully explains how she considers Raman’s family as her own.

Through #IlluminatingLives, Luminous encourages people to create a brighter and more meaningful Diwali for all.

Dare To Shine by Realme India

Realme's Diwali ad film, featuring the charismatic Shah Rukh Khan, stands out to me with all its lights, hues, and jubilations. Khan, with his trademark eloquence, delivers a poignant monologue going deeper into the human psyche. 

Amidst the prismatic celebration, the ad artfully integrates Realme smartphones into the visual narrative, subtly embedding them into the fabric of the nation's passions, notably cricket. 

This cinematic creation not only captures the essence of the festival but also seamlessly blends product placement with a resonant message of inner illumination.

Khule Dil Wali Diwali by Western Union and EbixCash

In a heartfelt ad film inspired by the essence of Diwali, Western Union and EbixCash have joined forces to present Khule Dil Wali Diwali, a campaign that seamlessly blends community-centric traditions with contemporary individualistic tendencies. 

The campaign brings attention to the diminishing sense of community in contemporary society. The cinematic narrative, led by actor Rajendra Gupta, serves as a poignant reflection on the prevailing disconnect among neighbours. In an era where familiarity with those residing next door has waned, the film depicts an elderly man living in solitude, his son residing overseas.

Observing the palpable lack of interaction among his neighbours, the elderly protagonist decides to proactively address this issue. Motivated by a fund transfer from his son, he takes it upon himself to bridge the widening gap within the community. His initiative takes the form of a Diwali party, uniting the entire building in a celebration that underscores the simplicity of fostering connections.

The film compellingly conveys the message that a modest effort can be the catalyst for bringing people together and revitalising a sense of community.

Special Cleaning for Special Ocassion - Diwali by Urban Company

In the bustling chaos of Diwali preparations, where the joy of festivity often mingles with the stress of meticulous cleaning, Urban Company's Diwali ad emerges as a heartwarming celebration of togetherness. The ad spotlights a mother and daughter duo who, instead of succumbing to the pressure of household chores, find solace and joy in each other's company.

The ad captures the essence of the festival as the mother and daughter engage in Diwali preparations. Urban Company's professional team members quietly work in the background, symbolising how the brand's services can take the load off families during the festive hustle.

The visuals strategically bring the mother-daughter duo to the forefront, with Urban Company's team members subtly weaving their magic behind the scenes. 

What makes this ad particularly impactful is its unwavering focus on the emotional aspect of Diwali. Urban Company becomes the silent ally, ensuring that the family can partake in the rituals and celebrations without being bogged down by arduous tasks.

Mirchi Lights: A Heartwarming Diwali Tale by Amaze India

This ad film aims to resonate with viewers on a deep emotional level, urging them to embrace the true essence of Diwali - promoting love, understanding, and harmony within families. 

The narrative of the campaign centres around a touching father-son story, vividly portraying a generational gap and the eventual reconciliation during the festive season, a time when families traditionally come together.

The film weaves an analogy between intricately entangled mirchi lights and the complexities inherent in human relationships. It skillfully communicates the message that, just as untangling mirchi lights demands patience and effort, so too can relationships be mended through genuine communication and understanding.

The emotional depth of the film, coupled with its thematic focus on familial bonds, positions Amaze's #Amazewalidiwali as a noteworthy addition to the Diwali ad fest. 

Light Up Your Diwali With Ferrero Rocher by Ferrero India

Ferrero India’s Light Up Your Diwali With Ferrero Rocher ad film, starring Hrithik Roshan, is a subtle departure from the typical flamboyance usually seen in the category.

The display of elegance and indulgence unfolds as Roshan, casually perched on a couch in a Diwali-adorned room, engages viewers with a charm that pulls them into an intimate conversation.

The advertisement, a masterclass in pacing, seamlessly transitions between close-ups of Roshan's expressive face and articulate delivery and zoomed-out cuts that provide a frontal perspective. This technique cleverly lures viewers into a false sense of proximity, as if they are guests in his Diwali-lit abode.

Amidst this visual symphony, a pile of Ferrero Rocher chocolates adorns the table like an irresistible golden croque-en-bouche, out of focus yet demanding attention—as if a psychological ploy to ensnare unsuspecting viewers into the narrative.

The understated musical backdrop, coupled with subtle mellifluent vocalisations, complements Roshan's calmly spoken words, which are deliberately amplified to enhance their impact.

His soothing delivery and body language, marked by a casual charm distinct from the usual overt ‘acted’ performances in advertisements, create a compelling contrast. This intentional juxtaposition elevates the ad's subliminal influence, making it resonate on a deeper level.

Unlike the insipid pace and ostentatious editing style typical of the genre, the ad takes its time, allowing viewers to breathe and savour the moment. Roshan flexes his acting prowess, skillfully inviting viewers to live vicariously through him, igniting a craving for the luxurious taste of Ferrero Rocher.

In a category saturated with intemperate and in-your-face advertisements, Ferrero India’s Light Up Your Diwali With Ferrero Rocher stands out as a refined and sophisticated offering, leaving an indelible impression that transcends the ordinary.

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