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A$AP Rocky fights inner demons in Puma’s ad spot

The rapper is seen fighting off a creepy blob in a noir-style film, also directed by him.

American rapper A$AP Rocky is seen fighting a ‘Venom’-like monster in a classic Hollywood horror film style in Puma’s new ad spot. The film which is also directed by the rapper shows him consumed by his deep thoughts and an ‘idea’ from which he is trying to distract himself.

He tries to switch on the television but his ‘idea’ has consumed every corner of his thoughts and has now turned into a blob of black material that attacks the rapper. He tries to fight it back while sporting the latest version of Puma’s Mostro’ shoes and finally delivers the final blow with the help of the shoes by stamping it smithereens.

The ad tries to showcase how Puma’s classic shoes blend the line between fashion and athleticism.

“Around the clock, non-stop, time at time just passing me by. I need a little quick break. It’s like when you get an idea stuck in your head, there is no escape. I kick back and relax. No matter what I put on, I can’t get this s*it out of my head. It’s almost like it consumes my every thought,” says Rocky.

With this, Puma is possibly trying to communicate the brand’s thoughts about reimagining the iconic Mostro shoe’s comeback. The Mostro shoes were originally launched in 1999 and designed by Peter Schmidt. The shoes are named after the Italian word for “monster" - mostro.

The model takes its inspiration from 1980s surf shoes and 1960s sprint shoes. The shoes featured a dimpled rubber sole and an asymmetrical velcro closure. They were available in a variety of fabrics like mesh, leather,  ripstop, linen, suede etc. The relaunch was much awaited by sneakerheads around the world.  The new sneaker is not an exact replica, but a remastered version of the classic. This time, the shoes adopt a fine mesh upper and a lycra lining along with an elastic strap closure.

The A$AP Rocky-directed ad film was released on digital and social platforms shortly before Puma’s New York Fashion Week presentation “Welcome to the Amazing Mostro Show” centred around the silhouette of the shoe.

A$AP Rocky and Puma

This ad comes a few months after Puma and the Grammy-nominated artist signed a long-term creative partnership. A$AP Rocky was announced as the creative director for the brand’s motorsport business in 2023 with a focus on the intersection of the sport and streetwear.

Last year, Puma and  Formula 1 signed a long-term agreement that will see them become the exclusive licensee and trackside retailer at all races. The artist had then dropped an extremely limited PUMA x F1 collection. The collection blended fashion and streetwear elements with motorsports.  

A$AP Rocky’s music is known for being experimental and unique. This is more or less also reflected in the artist’s personal wardrobe. He has often been vocal about how he enjoys the finer things in life and has mentioned brands like Gucci, Dior, and Raf Simmons in his songs. Along with Puma, the artist has also had long-standing relationships with brands like Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga. His personality both on and off-screen makes him a perfect partner for fashion brands.

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