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ABBY Awards introduces the best use of AI and health verticals

Rich engagements with industry stalwarts have led to the changes in the categories that are being offered from this year.

ABBY Awards powered by One Show in 2024 stay connected with global festivals like The One Show, Cannes, and ADFEST by adding categories that are trending in the world.

Introduction of the 'Best Use of AI sub-category', keeping in mind the trending subject of the year, has been added in both digital and technology verticals.

Copywriting for web and digital craft has been added in still digital and digital verticals. With the growth in health and wellness communication, a new vertical called Health has been added this year with sub-categories like OTC oral medicines, OTC products, and Nutraceuticals among others. A new specialist agency award being introduced is Health Specialist of the Year for the best performance by a company in this vertical.

Red Abby has introduced sustainable development and meaningful practices to cover climate action and responsible consumption. Green Abby which covers planet conservation has added Life on Land to cover the protection of forests and the prevention of ecological destruction.

Commenting on the new categories, Ajay Kakar, chairman of the ABBY Awards powered by One Show 2024, said, “The world around us is changing by the day, and the Abby Awards are at the forefront of reflecting these changes. And this year is no exception. Be it in or within categories like Digital, Mobile and Technology. Or the introduction of a Health category. Every year we start the Abby journey by first engaging with the industry stalwarts, informally, to listen to the changes, suggestions and asks. The changes in the categories that have been introduced this year are thanks to these rich engagements.”

Dheeraj Sinha, co-chair of ABBY Awards powered by One Show 2024, said “Health is a growing business in communication and it is fitting to now have an entire vertical dedicated to it. Advertising with a purpose and a social message has now gathered steam and the Green Abby and Red Abby are adding sub-categories in Forest Conservation, Sustainable Development and Meaningful Practices.”

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