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Ad-free Netflix takes a dig at ad-riddled YouTube

“..there’s not easy money there,” Netflix chief executive officer Reed Hastings was recently quoted as saying in the global press. Hastings cleared the air on speculations and rumours about Netflix introducing an ad based platform and said that it wasn't part of the brand's strategy. The company’s position clearly reflects in its advertising. One of the brand’s latest Facebook ads carries the tagline “No ads, no interruptions.” The ad’s copy reads, “No ads or commercials. Ever.”

Never click “Skip Ad” again.

Posted by Netflix on Saturday, January 18, 2020

Not just that, the brand also took a dig at its ad based rivals, most prominently - YouTube. The caption accompanying the ad film reads - Never click “Skip Ad” again. While it isn’t really a frontal attack, ad-riddled YouTube has been the pioneer of the ‘Skip Ad’ style of a revenue model.