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After Tata Tea Premium, Parle Marie eyes Maharashtra with a three-ad regional campaign 

It aims to become the de facto biscuit choice during daily chats; battles Britannia, ITC and local players for the win.

Chai and biscuit is, undoubtedly, India’s most-loved complementary pair. Oft spotted together early in the morning and at dusk, many struggle to imagine a life where one of the two is absent.

When it comes to the biscuit bit of this pair, Parle Products is a proud parent. One of its kids, sorry brands, Parle-G is one of the most in-demand pairings with tea. Now, the company is pushing its second brand Parle Marie, with a regional campaign aimed at Maharashtra.

Creative agency, thought blurb, has made three Marathi language ads for the biscuit brand. Each ad caters to a different audience segment, captures a specific aspect of life, but ensures the spots revolve around ‘adda baazi’, i.e., casual daily gatherings.

There’s the mother-daughter duo, who modernise Marathi idioms, while bridging the digital divide between the two generations.

The Matheran-based film showcases the traditional Marathi Powada, i.e., poetry used for a modern-day proposal. The anniversary film shows a lively discussion amongst women on their dream gift, involving Narayanpet, Nauvari and Paithani sarees.

"This campaign has been tailored keeping in mind Maharashtrian way of life, nuancing cultural codes and traditions of Maharashtra. This will make consumers relate and bond with the brand," Mayank Shah, senior category head at Parle Products, said in a press release.

“Parle Products, as a brand, has its roots deeply embedded in cities and rural areas alike. As we grow in new regions, we want our communication to be reflective of the people’s traditions, way of life and the local spirit. Every Indian has their own way of jibing, bonding and internal puns, which is very much coincidental to their way of living and culture,” he added.

It is interesting to see Parle Marie target the Marathi Manus in its campaign. A month ago, in July, Tata Tea Premium released two ads, one each for Mumbai and Maharashtra. The former lauded the ‘kadak’ Mumbaikar spirit, while the latter celebrated the state’s ‘sarvaguni’ (multi-faceted) Marathi women.

Looks like biscuit and tea are in love with Maharashtra right now.

There is also the point of brand recall. If one talks about glucose biscuits, Parle-G is the first name to pop into our minds. When it comes to Marie, Parle battles Britannia (Marie Gold) and ITC (Sunfeast Marie) for supremacy across the country.

This regional campaign makes it evident that Parle Marie is looking to wade off competition from not only the big brands, but also local and hyperlocal players.

A bit of trivia here. It was Peek Freans, a London-based bakery, which baked the first Marie biscuit in 1874 to commemorate the royal wedding of Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia to the Duke of Edinburgh.

Parle Products is battling other FMCG giants and local brands to lead the race of the best Marie in town and the country. But it can find encouragement in the fact that it was India’s most chosen brand, as per Kantar India’s ninth annual Brand Footprint report released back in June.


Client: Parle Products

Brand: Parle Marie

Senior category head: Mayank Shah

Product manager: Bhavin Panchamia

Deputy brand manager: Jay Thaker

Agency: thought blurb

Chief creative officer: Vinod Kunj

Executive creative director: Renu Somani

Executive director: Nidha Luthra

Brand solutions director: Israa Khan

Production house: Thunder Films

Director: Vasudeo Rane

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