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Air India unlocks 'Window of Possibilities' with XP&D

The brand's narrative centered around 'The Window Of Possibilities', was orchestrated in collaboration with XP&D.

Air India, now owned by the Tata Group has announced a significant rebranding. The brand unveiled its new logo and identity at a grand scale. The momentous narrative centered around 'The Window Of Possibilities', which was orchestrated in collaboration with XP&D.

The XP&D team was entrusted with a formidable task: to complement a momentous occasion through ingenious content, thereby accentuating the significance of this venerable brand's transformation. The event began with a spellbinding performance by Lydian Nadhaswaram, a piano prodigy, accompanied by his sister Amirthavarshini on the flute.

Following the incredible performance, Air India revealed its new identity via a meticulously crafted film, showcasing their transformative journey through the ages and how design elements from each sub-brands blended together perfectly to form their new identity under the “Window of Possibilities”. Their new logo, the Vista, represents the limitless possibilities, progressiveness, and bold and confident outlook for the future.

"The performance was a symphony for the senses, with each note resonating with the soul and setting the mood for the rest of the event. They indeed provided an exceptional kick-start to the show. Air India's new branding is a testament to its history and ambitions for the future, with its new logo, the Vista, inspired by the golden window frame of the window of possibilities. The new logo represents an ideal, showcasing the brand's daily commitment to reaching greater heights! XP&D collaborated with the Air India team to ensure their new brand image was brought to life in a larger-than-life way, incorporating anamorphic technology to craft an incredible show," says Chanda Singh, CEO XP&D.

As the brand soared to new heights, so did their reveal, orchestrated by the team at XP&D. They crafted a spectacular set featuring two anamorphic displays adorned with stunning visuals that complemented the brand's main film. As each element was unveiled on the screen, the anamorphic displays propelled the show to a new level, presenting jaw-dropping supplementary content.

"This marked the first instance in India where anamorphic screens were employed to enhance a brand film rather than taking centre stage. With that in mind, we meticulously designed an incredible supplementary set that would amplify the main film's impact while ensuring it wouldn't distract the audience," notes Arati Singh, Chief Content Officer, XP&D.

Effortlessly encapsulating the brand's visual elements with the grand unveiling of their new branding, captivating visuals, and striking livery – all enhanced through the innovative use of anamorphic technology – the audience was left utterly spellbound. Each moment of the spectacle unfolded seamlessly, painting a vivid picture of the brand's evolution.

"As someone who frequently flies with almost every airline, Air India holds a special place in my heart. With their new branding, we welcome a completely reimagined version of the airline that is more evolved, refined, and forward-looking. This deep and personal transformation mirrors our lives, journeys, and destinations. Let's raise a toast to the Maharaja – a toast to the new!" recounts Sukrit Singh, XP&D.

As the awe-inspiring scene played out before them, our audience’s thoughts naturally gravitated towards the path that lay ahead for this timeless brand. Curiosity and anticipation filled the air, with attendees eagerly contemplating what exciting chapters the brand was poised to script in the future.

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