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Ajay Devgn partners with Mushroom World Group

The collaboration aims to promote holistic wellness.

Mushroom World Group, a manufacturer of ayurvedic mushroom products has joined forces with actor Ajay Devgn to breathe new life into their narrative, championing the cause of healthy living. This collaboration marks a departure towards holistic wellness, with Devgn endorsing the MushroomeX Weight Gain Formula.

Through this alliance, the fusion of Devgn's influence and Mushroom World Group's dedication promises to inspire individuals towards a balanced lifestyle, emphasising the importance of overall well-being.

Their formula seeks to support appetite, that could potentially result in weight gain. This collaboration aims to transcend boundaries, and reflect a commitment to natural remedies and a healthier lifestyle. Devgn's endorsement seeks to set the stage for a journey to mark trust, health, and wellness.

Mushroom World Group, led by Vijay Sagar, Sameer Sagar, and Shakti Sagar, is a conglomerate which makes contributions to Ayurved, film production, IT services, food and beverages, and now plans to expand into luxury fashion, real estate, and renewable energy.

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