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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but is that the case with modern apples?

Country Delight's latest ad is a take on the age-old proverb in the context of modern day farming practices.

An apple a day is supposed to keep the doctor at bay, but that would only apply to good quality apples. In today's times, the apples that you tend to buy in the market, come with a range of issues of their own. They may not taste good, they're hard, not juicy and, to make them look visually appeasing, they're often polished with wax.

Country Delight's latest ad attempts to capture the fruit's various fallacies by 'testing' in a lab if an apple a day, really does keep the doctor away. The ad ends with a God-like figure, who vaguely resembles Jesus Christ, coming forth with a solution to these issues.

The ad was primarily created to emphasise on Country Delight's new offering - delivering apples. The company claims that the apples are sourced from an altitude of 12,000-plus feet from orchards in the Himalayas. The ad ends with a copy that reads, 'Himalayas to Home'.

As of now, the apples are available for delivery only in the national capital region (NCR). Two pieces are priced at a discounted rate of Rs 59 (Rs 46 for VIP members). In the NCR, Country Delight also sells products like mishri mishti doi (sweetened curd), various varieties of bread (including multigrain, whole wheat and brown), as well as eggs - both brown and white.

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At this juncture, NCR residents have a choice of ordering a smaller batch of these apples, or to use a grocery delivery app (such as Swiggy Instamart, Zepto, BigBasket, etc.) to order apples, along with other fruits and vegetables. How many people will actually take up this offer, remains be seen, but it's an interesting departure from the dairy-based products that the company specialises in selling.

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Country Delight's claim to fame was with two types of deliveries - milk delivery and delivery of coconuts with copious amounts of water in them. The company cut and packaged the coconuts in such a way that it was easy to open, pour and drink. Another marketing gimmick the company used was to hand out 'purity tests' as proof of the quality of the milk that it delivered.

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