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Anil Kapoor gapes at KFC’s Value Burger range whilst taking a dig at rival McDonald’s

The actor mocks the ‘Bun Tikki’ that is presumably the popular ‘McAloo Tikki’ burger.

“Agar yeh bun tikki burger hai, toh main Sonam Kapoor hoon, moochhon ke saath,” claims actor Anil Kapoor, whilst holding a burger and dressed in a silver suit that appears to have been stolen from the costume department of DD’s hit show ‘Captain Vyom’.

The actor, who refuses to grow old, is not only trying to sound funny in this KFC spot, but also taking a dig at rival McDonald’s. ‘Bun Tikki’ is eerily similar to the ‘McAloo Tikki’ burger the Ronald McDonald QSR sells like hotcakes in India.

Made by Ogilvy, the 20-second ad introduces the KFC Value Burger range that starts from Rs 69 (two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian). The ‘McAloo Tikki’ burger costs Rs 47.

Moksh Chopra, chief marketing officer, KFC India, said, “With the new range of Value Burgers, we are striving to get our consumers closer to the real and authentic taste of burgers. And with a value proposition starting at just Rs 69, these burgers are for anyone and everyone who's craving a quick burger bite.”

“KFC is known for its legendary burgers. Just like the legendary acting prowess of Anil Kapoor - who is known across the country for his portrayal of some memorable characters and blockbuster films, making him a great choice for launching the Value Burgers’ campaign. So, don't miss a KFC exclusive on how he gets his burger illusions shattered, only to be restored with the new range of Value Burgers.”

Added Ritu Sharda, chief creative officer, Ogilvy North, “We have all been guilty of passing around 'tikkis' in a bun disguised as burgers. And guess what, our heroes have been in similar situations too. The frustration of looking for a real, tasty burger that appeals to your taste buds (and your wallet) is real. That exact emotion and then the ultimate thrill of digging into an actual burger, is what we wanted to capture in the film. The actors in the films have so aptly portrayed this everyday struggle, playing it seamlessly in their iconic style.”

When it comes to the range of value burgers at QSRs, the battle has started to heat up. No wonder Colonel Sanders, who’s standing beside Kapoor, appears pleased and finds the actor’s remark funny.

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But, it is not just KFC and McDonald’s in the picture. Burger King, another American QSR, has made it a habit to take on McDonald’s across the world. Recently, its Indian arm ran a campaign aimed at differentiating its 'Whopper' product from a McDonald's burger.

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