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Anushka Sharma goes ‘unrecognised’ in new KitKat ad

The ad film encourages the audience to take a short break, enjoy it with a smile and come back with renewed positive energy.

For many years, KitKat has emphasised the importance of stepping away from the daily grind and taking a break. In its latest campaign, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is seen doing the same.

It starts with her walking into a bookstore wearing a red blazer and blue jeans. To her surprise, nobody recognises her which makes her feel a bit awkward. She asks for a book titled ‘On a break’ and settles on a couch.

There she pulls out a KitKat bar and she starts eating it waiting for her book.

She takes off her shoes to sit comfortably and even picks up the little pieces that fall on her blazer, as no one has recognised her at the place. When she returns to the cashier, he asks her name for billing. ‘Anushka Sharma’, she says with a broad smile. As she is about to leave, the cashier mentions he might have seen her somewhere to which she replies, “That’s strange” and walks out.

The campaign highlights how Sharma wasn’t able to accept the fact that people didn’t recognise her. The actress in real life has taken a long break from work. She was last seen in Aanand Rai’s ‘Zero’ in 2018.

As she eats the new KitKat chocolate bar with layers of chocolate coating and crispy cocoa wafer, she realises that it is ok to stay out of attention for some time and enjoy yourself. And in the end, she is not bothered to introduce herself as a bollywood actress and walks off smiling.

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