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Ariel's #ShareTheLoad ad finds a place in TOI's matrimonial section

The detergent brand encourages prospective brides and grooms to #SeeEqual, and share the responsibility of household chores.

Ariel, the detergent brand from Procter & Gamble (P&G), has been advocating for gender equality in the division of domestic tasks for seven years now, with its campaign #ShareTheLoad.

Its latest edition #SeeEqual, launched a few weeks back, has put the spotlight on unconscious bias that comes in the way of men taking up joint responsibility of household chores. It raises a pertinent question – If men can share the load equally with other men, why not with their wives?

As a part of this edition of the campaign, Ariel recently released an ad in the matrimony section of The Times of India's Delhi edition. The print ad aims to draw attention to the common concern of unequal distribution of household chores between a husband and wife.

The ad copy states, "41% men still believe laundry is a woman's job. Find a like-minded match by simply adding one more thing to your matrimonial profile - #ShareTheLoad."

Ariel's #ShareTheLoad ad finds a place in TOI's matrimonial section

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Although more men are sharing the load today than before, our society is still far from being ideal. Ariel’s popular #ShareTheLoad is in its fifth season and is all about the impact of an unequal home. It urges action to correct this gap. It is all about giving the men yet another reason to start sharing the load, and take the first step towards it.

Image credits: Sushant Sharma/LinkedIn

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