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As Amul turns 50, a look at some of its most memorable ads 

The dairy giant’s ads are as pervasive as its products.

It is hard to find a home in India which Amul hasn’t touched. Be it milk, butter, cheese, lassi, chaas, chocolate, or its other offerings, the dairy giant is an essential part of post-independence India.  

On Thursday (February 22, 2024), Amul turned 50 years old. In celebration, we (afaqs!) take a look at some of the most memorable ads from Amul, they too are part of a couple of generations’ lives. 

Amul Girl

As Amul turns 50, a look at some of its most memorable ads 

India’s advertising and marketing world would be a lot poorer if it weren’t for the Amul Girl. Started by Sylvester daCunha, and now made by Rahul daCunha-led daCunha Communications, the Amul Girl topicals precede today’s moment marketing excess with dollops of shrewd observation, witty copy, and lots of memories. 


In 1996, Amul wanted to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GCMMF), and the result was the iconic folk tune and what is now one of India’s most popular ads to date. 

Amul Kool 

Launched in 2003, Amul Kool, a flavoured milk offering from Amul was the dairy giant’s youth brand, and the ad reflected this change. It was quite the challenge to get your hands on the glass bottle after this ad hit TV screens. 

Amul butter 

Go to any pav bhaji or dabeli food cart and the ones that keep the box of Amul butter front and centre often have more customers. It’s an unwritten rule of sorts and this ad clearly illustrates this phenomenon. “Amul butter, Asli butter” Why not?

Amul Pizza Cheese 

Back in the day when pizza chains weren’t common and going to a restaurant was the only way to snack on pizza, this instructional ad for Amul Pizza Cheese stood out. It still does and each time you watch it, you want to eat a pizza. 

Amul Taste of India 

There are a few versions of this ad as time has passed but the 90s version is the one many will remember. Yes, it showed Amul’s diverse products but more importantly, it did so while showing everyone the true diversity of India. 

Amul Milk 

What is Amul without milk and what is India without the white liquid? No wonder this ad hooked so many when it sang, “Amul doodh peeta hai India.” 

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