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ASCI clears Kellogg's campaign with tagline ‘Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ki Bhookh’

ASCI has dismissed Curefoods' complaint against Kellogg's by ruling that there was no violation of its Code.

In a complaint filed by Curefoods' claiming that Kellogg's India copied its campaign tagline, Advertising Standards Council of India has now issued its ruling.

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ASCI's Consumer Complaints Council has agreed with Kellogg's stance that both advertisements are not similarand do not suggest any kind of plagiarism. ASCI has rightfully dismissed the complaint by ruling that there was no violation of its Code. 

The self-regulating body said that the two advertisements are entirely dissimilar in terms of their portrayal, dialogue, imagery, and audiovisual elements and also noted the distinct tag lines of the two advertisements. 

ASCI further acknowledged that the use of the term "bhookh" by various food-related brands is quite inevitable and not distinctive or exclusive to either campaign.

Welcoming ASCI's decision, in a statement, Kellogg's India said, "We are grateful to ASCI for this decision as it re-affirms our beliefs in our creative ethics while establishing the fact that our campaign bears no similarity whatsoever with any other campaign, past or present."

The statement further added, "We very proudly reiterate that the Kellogg’s Masterbrand campaign, ‘Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ki Bhookh’, is a part of the larger campaign that has been built over the years, evolving and reiterating our brand’s purpose and larger message of ‘Nourish Your Great’...."

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