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Asian Paints brings together colours, poetry and technology for its ‘Mera Wala Mood’ campaign

Created by Ogilvy, each personalised film is backed by a carefully crafted poem in Piyush Pandey’s voice.

Rooted in the enduring philosophy of Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai, Asian Paints boasts a storied legacy of crafting iconic campaigns that eloquently delve into the intimate connection between homes and their inhabitants. Notably, their storytelling prowess strikes a profound chord with the audience, eliciting a heartfelt response and leaving an indelible mark on countless hearts. Asian Paints continues to be a storyteller of homes, weaving narratives that endure through time.

Building upon the legacy of Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai, Asian Paints unveiled the Mera Wala Mood campaign as part of the Diwali festivities. Resonating with the spirit of the Festival of Lights, the technologically-infused Mera Wala Mood campaign, crafted by Ogilvy, elevates the emotional resonance. It seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, ushering in a new era of storytelling that intricately captures the nuanced essence of individual moods within the cherished confines of home.

Mera Wala Mood is rooted in the profound realisation that festivals, while synonymous with joy, also evoke a spectrum of emotions. It beautifully underscores that our homes transcend mere structures; they embody the ever-shifting tapestry of our moods and emotions, offering steadfast support during the diverse experiences of the festive season. 

The campaign introduces a transformative element with a face scanner, bringing this insight vividly to life. By merging technology with the emotional resonance of home, Asian Paints not only captures the intricate dance of festive feelings but also highlights the role of homes as dynamic spaces that mirror and nurture our evolving moods.

In the interactive realm of the Mera Wala Mood microsite, consumers engage by scanning their faces through their phone cameras, initiating a fascinating technological journey. The innovative technology adeptly discerns the viewer's expression and mood, assigning a specific colour to their emotion. As the personalised film unfolds, a distinctive home setting materialises, adorned with Diwali-centric decor elements matching the colour that encapsulates the viewer's mood. For instance, a joyful expression translates to a room bathed in festive yellow tones, accompanied by a bespoke poem, creating a visually enchanting and emotionally resonant experience that seamlessly intertwines technology, personal expression, and the festive spirit.

In each personalised film, a carefully crafted poem, voiced by Piyush Pandey, serves as a lyrical companion to the chosen colour and the emotion it encapsulates. These poetic narratives skillfully breathe life into the diverse spectrum of emotions encountered during the festive season. Pandey's narration adds a timeless and emotive layer to the tech-driven experience, engaging the audience on a profound level. This innovative approach not only captivates viewers but also effectively communicates the intricate and meaningful connection between emotions, colours, and the sanctity of homes, establishing a unique and profound narrative bridge between technology and human sentiment.

Asian Paints not only celebrates the festival but also underscores the unique synergy between personal moods, festive fervour, and the canvas of one's abode. 

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