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Asian Paints takes homeowners to the 'Next Level' with Beautiful Homes Service

The campaign video addresses the challenges homeowners face in bringing their unique vision to life.

Asian Paints has launched a new digital campaign for its Beautiful Homes Service that chronicles the journey of a young couple pursuing interiors for their dream home. The ad film raises awareness about the distinctive home design solutions offered by the brand.

The ad film resonates with homeowners embarking on a journey to elevate their home interiors to the 'Next Level.' It opens with a young couple engaging in a conversation with a Beautiful Homes Services consultant, sharing slyly taken photographs of kitchens, rooms and living areas of the homes of their friends and relatives. They wish to draw inspiration from these spaces to create their home. This humorous scene sheds light on the universal desire for distinctive homes. 

The consultant then shows a diverse selection of products ranging from modular kitchen to furniture, furnishings and lighting that the company offers. It drives the message on how the service empowers homeowners to explore designs that go beyond the standardised options. 

The digital commercial concludes with the couple content with their tastefully decorated and functional home, tailored to their needs. Later, they playfully observe their neighbours discreetly taking pictures of the couple’s home, reflecting on the initial inspiration they sought.

Beautiful Homes Service from the house of Asian Paints, advocates for homes that align with the homeowners' unique aesthetic and practical needs, rejecting the notion of mere replica of someone else’s home. It caters to homeowners’ needs, whether the renovation is focused on a single room or a specific area of the house. 

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