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Asian Paints tips its hat to a father's perseverance in new ad

It is the portrayal of a father, and how he would do his best to ensure that his family is always happy.

Fathers are a rare breed. While they're portrayed as strict and distant in media (it's changing now), there's another side to them. One where they will do anything to ensure their family is safe, sound, and their wishes come true.

The new Asian Paints ad for Father's Day is on this very theme. Fathers will go to any (extra) length for their families. In this case, for his son's birthday gift.

The 150-second ad pulls your heartstrings when it shows a father's face while his son makes a car from a cardboard box as a birthday gift for his brother because his father's painting work is halted. We then see the father steady himself (like they always do) and help his son paint the car. And when the time comes for the gift to be opened, the father, with a proud expression, reveals a bat and ball for his son, and says, "Beta, tum logon ki khelne ki umar hai, tum log khelon, papa kaam karlenge."

We then see the brand's message that it's helping painters to get back to work by equipping them with safety gear, insurance and business leads so that they can fulfil their commitments to their loved ones.

Sukesh Nayak
Sukesh Nayak

"All they need is a little push, a little nudge... people are always ready to work," says Sukesh Nayak, CCO, Ogilvy, the agency behind this ad. "To give a hand to support somebody was the context in which the story was written," he added.

Nayak says this ad is part of a larger brief of the reassurance program from Asian Paints. The program is about safety equipment, safety gear, upskilling, and a lot of programmes that are long-term in nature and aimed to benefit painters.

About the ad's shoot, Nayak says that it was shot in a place where it was allowed and all permissions were given, while he was watching it on Zoom from his home.

He then spoke about the work they've done for Asian Paints over the past three months. "Right from day one of the lockdown with 'Har Ghar Kuch Kehta hai' coming back. Doing another rendition of it to then getting safe painting service out, the painter reassurance program was remarkable."

And keeping in tune with this interesting work, he paid credit to the amazing director Sachin Pillai based out of Goa who's behind this ad also behind the Tata Motors ad.

"It's a very special piece for me. I really enjoyed writing and making it. It's as close to me as my Google reunion," Nayak signs off.

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