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ASUS' new ad campaign uses 'Blink' technology

Computer and phone hardware electronics company Asus has launched a new digital campaign for the promotion of its latest Zenbook laptop. The campaign makes use of eye-blink detection technology to engage with the audience.

Created and crafted by Dentsu Webchutney in parternship with mCanvas, the digital campaign aims to lure users through a unique way of displaying the new Zenbook Pro Duo.

The ad creative opens to the copy 'The laptop of tomorrow is just a blink away', underneath which appears an 'explore' button. Upon tapping the 'Explore' option, the ad then prompts users to blink their eyes to reveal the new laptop. It is only then that the Zenbook Pro Duo fades in along with all its specifications and features. The campaign has already reached out to 3.2 million users, witnessing a 1.2 per cent click-through rate.

We reached out to Harsh Shah, senior vice president – accounts management, Dentsu Webchutney, to get his insights on how the idea was conceived. Shah points out that the campaign needed to live up to the high-end product being promoted.

Harsh Shah
Harsh Shah

He says, “It was important that we conceptualise an idea that matched the high-end laptop or at least brought alive the essence of the laptop of tomorrow. Therefore, we decided to use the new-age cutting edge technology, Blink detection, to introduce the laptop of tomorrow, engaging users and creating a lasting brand recall.”

He adds, “Focusing on the brief and its communication, we wanted to give the users an immersive experience. The concept was arrived at in collaboration with our creative team and tech partners mCanvas, after multiple rounds of testing and iterations.”

About the TG, Shah says, “We leveraged our programmatic prowess to target 'audiences' across digital. Our core TG was 22-35, creative people, designers, musicians, content creators, influencers et cetera.”

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