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Atul Khatri humorously showcases Ariel's 'Home Map' as a tech solution for sharing the load

The app is designed to assist husbands in locating household items, similar to how men use maps to navigate unfamiliar areas.

#ShareTheLoad is a long-running movement by Ariel that highlights the unequal distribution of household chores at home. This year, their campaign HomeTeams #ShareTheLoad is urging men to step up on their home duties to reduce the mental burden of household on women when they are not at home.

Furthermore, men frequently phone their wives inquiring about the whereabouts of household items. Queries like, "Where are the socks?" or "Where's the Toor daal stored?" contribute to the mental burden shouldered by women managing the household, especially when they're away.

According to a third-party study, 75% of women find it challenging to mentally break-free from the household chores. As we observe increasing opportunities for women beyond the household, it's these inquiries that tether them mentally to home and hinder them from seizing these opportunities.

That's why Ariel has created Home Map- an app designed to assist husbands in locating items within their homes. Just as men rely on maps to navigate unfamiliar places outdoors, Home Map enables them to locate items within their own homes. Ariel leaves the audience with the question: "Is this app truly necessary?"

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