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Axis Bank questions the real implications behind the 'Girl Math' trend in its latest campaign

The campaign is conceptualised and produced by AutumnGrey, a Grey Group company.

In this digital age, trends rule the internet. They get you more likes, more comments, and the spotlight. The internet is rife with trends, as new ones keep coming up before their predecessors can live a full life. But what happens when trends are born from deep-rooted biases? While some trends can pass off as fun and laughter, other seemingly innocent ones threaten to destroy a narrative people have fought for years to overcome.

Based on this premise, Axis Bank and AutumnGrey, a Grey Group company, have returned with the second year of their Women's Day campaign, #FinanceWithoutBias, where they have re-looked at the viral 'Girl Math' trend to uncover the hidden biases behind it.

'Girl Math' has been making rounds everywhere on social media. Memes, reels, and tweets speak about the trend in some measure. With their new film, AutumnGrey and Axis Bank have questioned the real implications behind this trend. They have highlighted its flaws and called for a reset of the rules for 'Girl Math' to build a world of #FinanceWithoutBias.

Anusha Shetty, chairperson and group CEO, Grey Group India, said, "It's strange to see that a world that has evolved so much is still harping on such age-old biases. And now these biases emerge in different forms, such as the 'girl math' trend. As an agency, we believe these biases need to be addressed. I hope this campaign will help everyone rethink and check their own biases to create a more inclusive financial world."

AutumnGrey, a Grey Group company, conceptualised and produced the campaign.


Brand: Axis Bank

Agency: Grey Group India / AutumnGrey India

Chairperson & Group CEO: Anusha Shetty

Managing Director & Chief Creative Officer: Sandipan Bhattacharyya

Chief Intelligence Officer: Arun Raman

Group Chief Operating Officer: Ketan Desai

Executive Creative Director: Nishanth Ananthram

Vice President, Client Servicing: Sandhya Gurung

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