Shreyas Kulkarni

‘Baap ko mat sikha’ gets very real in Zlade’s Father’s Day spot

A father and his son get talking about grooming, even there.

That experience can outsmart youth is best illustrated in Zlade’s Father’s Day ad.

A teenage son in seen explaining to his father – who’s got a date, a first in 14 years – that times have changed and people groom all the way, even there. The father, stoically chopping vegetables, stops hearing his son’s remarks.

Taking a sip from his drink, the son slides a full-body trimmer from Zlade Ballistic thinking he’s got one up over his old man.

Little does he realise that father dearest was ahead of him all the time. We see the father inspect and keep the gift in his cupboard next to the same full-body trimmer he owns – the baap ko mat sikha phrase just got real.

If one has any doubts, the AC/DC poster next to the cupboard is evidence that this dad knew his stuff. It’s a fun ad that talks about intimate male grooming without being too cheesy or hush-hush.

Nikhil Narayanan, head of creative strategy and brand, Zlade, says, “We almost didn't make this film, because we aren't too keen on chasing topicals. But once this idea took life, in a cozy bar in Kochi during our IPL film shoot, we knew we couldn't let it go.”

“From a relevance perspective, it was bang on - both as a conversation piece and a product fit. This is a subject that is not portrayed in ads as much as it should be - thanks to the "boys don't cry" garbage that's been shoved down our throats. And we thought this was a fitting occasion to voice that,”

He’d like to drop a special mention to M&M Films for pulling off a lovely looking film on a shoestring budget and in a blink. 

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