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Bandhan Life's Mother's Day campaign celebrates mothers' protectiveness and bonding with children

The film titled 'Maa Ki Udaan, Bandhan Se' has been conceptualised by Havas CX India and will be distributed across online platforms.

Bandhan Life Insurance, a champion of empowering dreams with financial security, soars into Mother's Day with a touching campaign titled ‘Maa Ki Udaan, Bandhan Se’. This digital film extends the brand's philosophy of ‘Bharat Ki Udaan, Bandhan Se’ by celebrating the powerful, unspoken bond between mothers and children.

The story follows a mother whose day is disrupted by a case of the hiccups. Despite her best efforts, nothing seems to work until her son returns home with a bruised elbow. But wait! Here is where the magic happens. As she kneels to care for him, her hiccups vanish – a reminder of a mother's protective nature and the unique connection she shares with her child.

Akhil Almeida, head of marketing, Bandhan Life, shares, “This campaign’s heart lies in its storytelling. It beautifully compares mothers as the first ‘life insurance,’ highlighting their protective and nurturing instincts. It emphasises the importance of strong relationships in navigating life's uncertainties, echoing our brand's commitment to empower individuals through security and connection.”

Almeida adds: “This film not only celebrates the ‘first shield of protection’ mothers provide but also encourages them to trust Bandhan Life as their second shield – life insurance. It is a testament to our commitment to emotional and financial security and our mission to empower individuals to live with confidence and peace of mind.”

Ashu Mhatre, head of creative, Havas CX India, said, “If I were to ask you, who’s your first insurance, it’ll take you a while to wrap your head around the question, but when you do, without hesitation, you'd say your mother. This new thinking towards life insurance is what Bandhan Life is all about - a promise of a secure, safe India, and its ambitions taking flight. In its first story, we've explored the bond a mother shares with her kids. An unsaid bond, or Bandhan in this case, that can be felt even when they're miles apart. All we had to do was bring this beautiful story to life. After this, you never know, you might be the reason your mother is hiccupping today.”

The digital film has been conceptualised by Havas CX India and will be distributed across various online platforms, including social media channels.

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