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Berger Paints unveils TVC campaign for launch of its new waterproofing products

The TVC campaign features Akshay Kumar and Gulshan Grover introducing the product in a quirky manner.

Berger Paints India Limited introduces an innovate range of waterproofing products – Berger DAMPSTOP. These strategically composed products can perform multiple waterproofing-related treatments like damp, silane, or salt leaching treatment, seamlessly. Earlier, waterproofing used to be a tedious task. It involved breaking open the surface to do waterproofing. With the introduction of this innovative product range, it aims to simplify the process for consumers. In the current times, builders hardly get the time to cure the concretes of a building or a house, which consequently impacts the building’s longevity. Waterproofing not only protects the house from damages but also extends its life. To amplify the launch of one such innovative waterproofing product, Berger Paints released a captivating TVC starring Akshay Kumar and Gulshan Grover.

In the TVC, Akshay Kumar is seen playing the role of a renowned photographer and Gulshan Grover as an antique collector. Filled with humour, the TVC aptly connotes the importance of waterproofing. The video starts with a photographer being utterly fascinated by an antique collector’s collection. But soon his “damn” gets replaced with “damp” as the gun holder falls off the wall due to dampness. In no time, the photographer realises the issue, while the antique collector remembers his past waterproofing experiences and fears the initiation of another process where he imagines the entire wall being torn down as a part of the waterproofing process.

The video brings to the screen, the most common concerns of the customers. For instance, Gulshan Grover is seen being worried about the fact that to conduct the necessary task of waterproofing, he would have to break the wall and that would not only create severe mess but also will lead to the beginning of another lengthy process of waterproofing. To take care of his worries, Akshay Kumar introduces him to the contemporary way of waterproofing with Berger DAMPSTOP.

Abhijit Roy, managing director and CEO, Berger Paints India Limited, says, “We strongly believe that the waterproofing market has a lot of potential in India and the demand for waterproofing products are increasing sharply day by day. Earlier painters used to shy away from performing the tedious task of waterproofing as the process was very complicated. However, with the introduction of our product range, Berger DAMPSTOP, we intend to make the entire process simpler and hassle-free. The nano-silicon technology enables the product to waterproof the wall without having to break it open. As we launch this range of innovative waterproofing products, we aim to make consumers aware of the benefits of the same through multiple avenues including TVCs and digital media to highlight the importance of waterproofing and how easy the process has become, in current times.”

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