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Big B turns into a genie for MediBuddy to make healthcare accessible to all

The brand wants to double the daily rate of video consultations, as a part of the latest campaign.

MediBuddy, a digital healthcare platform, recently launched a campaign featuring Amitabh Bachchan in a series of films. The campaign’s focus is to create a healthier India by making high-quality healthcare accessible to all.

Saibal Biswas, head of marketing, partnerships and PR, MediBuddy, points out that while today, people may be using online platforms for banking, food delivery, grocery shopping, etc., they are not aware of video consultations with doctors.

“Video consultation is something that a person can access anytime and anywhere. But people today still don’t consider this as an option. The new campaign is based on the fact that people usually make arbitrary decisions or procrastinate when it comes to seeking expert medical attention. It aims to create a top-of-mind recall for choosing online video doctor consultation.”

In today's time, individuals are increasingly demonstrating an inclination towards adopting a health-conscious lifestyle. However, when people are unwell, they overlook the importance of seeking expert medical attention. This is due to common belief that they can self-treat or because they willingly accept unsolicited advice.

The brand has tried to include these real life experiences in the film. The brand aims to change this prevalent behaviour by making users realise that an online video consultation with an expert doctor can be availed from the convenience of their home or anywhere within 10mins.

For every situation in the film, Bachchan emerges as a ‘genie’ from a mobile phone.

“We understand that doctor consultations - offline and online - will co-exist. But there are situations where people are aggravating their health conditions or don’t know what to do. Our job is to highlight such conditions. Bachchan will help us to deliver the message of access to high-quality healthcare online - anytime and anywhere,” Biswas shares.

"We wanted to stand out, and so we identified that by giving Bachchan a genie avatar can be unique."

According to the brand, Indian consumers aggravate their health conditions while delaying medical treatment. Hence, to advise people based on these insights, Bachchan comes into picture.

“We have used Bachchan in a unique way. While he appears in a genie avatar, we have treated him as a celebrity. He has been projected as a personification of the MediBuddy brand,” adds Biswas.

As part of this campaign, the brand will be launching another film soon where Bachchan will be seen as a 'Sutradhar'- a person who holds together the stories of customer testimonials who have benefited tremendously from this video consultation being there.

The campaign includes a total of 27 ads. There are five main ads, as well as feature films and testimonials featuring Bachchan. The campaign has been created and executed by the internal team at MediBuddy in collaboration with ITW Playworx. The campaign has been produced by Ten Films and directed by Shwetabh Verma.

The duration of the five main ads, ranges from 45-60 seconds. The campaign has been launched across multiple digital platforms.

On the expectations from the campaign, Biswas says that post the division of the campaign, the brand will be doubling the daily rate video consultations.

“Today, because of 4G and 5G penetration, video consultations have become easier. We are focussing on building the technology for video consultations because we believe that is the future, where you will be talking face-to-face with a doctor,” states Biswas.

He says that with newer technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) coming in, there are new ways to diagnose a health condition. AI will be able to predict if a person is in a zone where he/she can have a potential health problem.

“We also have ‘smart reports’. Based on a diagnosis, we highlight the high risk elements in the report, where we recommend the patient to consult a doctor.”

Currently, the brand has a partner network of 90,000-plus doctors across 22-plus specialities, 7,100-plus hospitals and clinics, 4,000-plus diagnostic centres, and 2,500-plus pharmacies.

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