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Biryani by Kilo launches new campaign with Hashtag Orange, aiming to bring a twist to the T20 World Cup

It aims to boost recall by using social media, search ads, digital films, UAC, affiliate platforms, emailers, print, and influencer marketing.

Biryani by Kilo tapped into the cricket fever of this World Cup season for their new campaign ‘Iss T20 World Cup, Karo Pet Bhar Prediction’. Launched by the integrated marketing agency Hashtag Orange, this campaign leverages technology, along with digital and print media, to create an engaging and fun experience that combines the thrill of cricket with the love for biryani.

The primary goal of this campaign is to drive app installs and boost food orders for Biryani by Kilo. To achieve this, Hashtag Orange developed an extensive dynamic microsite integrated with the BBK app, where users can predict match outcomes and win tempting offers for their orders.

With performance marketing at the heart of its strategy, this campaign not only makes the cricket season more enjoyable but also expands the brand’s reach and drives growth in app usage and food orders. Moreover, Biryani by Kilo enlisting cricketer Shivam Dube as the face of the brand ensures that his star power connects with cricket fans and food enthusiasts alike.

This campaign is done to boost top-of-mind recall and reach a broader audience, BBK is leveraging a mix of social media, search ads, digital films, UAC, affiliate platforms, WhatsApp, emailers, print ads, and influencer marketing. As the T20 World Cup wraps up, the top three winners who are leading the leader board will also receive an iPhone 15, iPad, and AirPods respectively. So that consumers can keep the excitement alive—continue predicting and enjoy free biryani!

Vishal Jindal, founder and co-CEO of Biryani by Kilo, said, “The T20 World Cup has presented brands across industries with valuable conversion opportunities. For us, one of the biggest objectives in driving visibility during this season is to drive more customers towards our app and increase direct orders. Hashtag’s integrated strategy is helping us achieve this by harnessing the massive reach of the World Cup and the imperishable love for filling and fulfilling dishes such as biryanis, kebabs, curries, and more.”

Sharing the rationale behind the campaign, Alka Vij, director of Hashtag Orange, said, ”Our strategy was crafted from the insight that Indians are crazy about cricket and biryani. By tapping into these passions, we aimed to create a campaign that not only resonates with our audience but also drives significant business outcomes and boosts orders."

Amit Shankar, co-founder and chief creative officer at Hashtag Orange, spoke about Hashtag’s plans to increase momentum and build on the current success. “Cricket is not just a game in India; it’s an emotion. We’re thrilled to see how this campaign has successfully established a link between biryani and cricket, creating significant opportunities to convert viewers to customers. Our goal now is to keep the momentum going and draw more viewers towards the BBK app through the use of performance marketing techniques.”

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