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BMW flexes bunch of fancy specs in latest ad films

BMW India has launched new ad films as part of its latest campaign titled #EXPLOREBMW. The ad films showcase multiple features of the company's cars. Here is an overview.

BMW India has unveiled a fresh set of commercials for its new campaign titled #EXPLOREBMW. The ad films highlight some fancy technical specifications of the company's cars.

The brand has launched multiple dedicated ad films, all depicting different storylines in distinct settings. One of the ad films portrays a nuclear family of three engaged in a debate about their next meal.

Woven in a relatable heated family discussion, the brand has subtly immersed the feature of voice-enabled navigation system. And that seems to be the case with every other ad film from the campaign. For example, in another ad film, there is a brief exchange between a father and son, who's playing with his remote-controlled toy car. Here, the brand has managed to fit in the remote access ability of BMW cars.

While the overall theme of the ad films appears to be a sleek touch of technological abilities of the BMW cars, the campaign also carries a regular automotive advert vibe – the one you'd expect from a less expensive car.

What is interesting about the ad films, however, is that the communication seems to be indefinite in terms of its relevance. For instance, in one ad, you see the brand trying to talk to a modern nuclear family, and yet in the other, it appears to show-off its beastly sports mode in a corporate setting. From voice AI to gesture control, the campaign appears to have put all the fancy specs in one compilation. So, the question then, is it really necessary for a brand like BMW – a premium brand that has typically charmed the enthusiasts with its elegance instead of specs? Here is an expert review on this.

Expert Review:

Rajesh Lalwani, chief executive officer, Scenario Consulting

BMW flexes bunch of fancy specs in latest ad films

BMW has always positioned itself as the younger, sportier, expressive brand among luxury cars. Its current strategy is to build deeper connect with an even younger audience, targeting them particularly for its entry level categories.

We need to see these videos from the perspective of engaging with a younger audience with high aspirations, seeking best in style, features and even associations. In one of the highest involvement-purchase categories, where a lot of time will likely be spent comparing 2-3 brands before a final decision is made, a variety of storytelling opportunities are available and will (need) to be leveraged to establish a sale.

Micro-stories of the kind that we see in the current campaign do their job well - I like them.

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