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boAt, in collaboration with Aishwarya Mohanraj, takes a stand against the objectification of women in songs

The company has also introduced 'Ai-tem', an artificial intelligence tool to recommend appropriate and empowering language when referring to women in music.

On this Women's Day, boAt, the audio wearable brand, takes a bold stand against the objectification of women in songs. For far too long, women have been subjected to derogatory and demeaning language in lyrics, perpetuating harmful stereotypes. boAt aims to shed light on this issue and emphasise the importance of using the right expressions when referring to women.

In a culture where phrases like Tu Cheez badi hai mast mast have become accepted and are commonly used in everyday discussions, boAt aims to shift the perspective. Using a combination of wit, sarcasm, and direct interaction, the company aims to draw attention to the harmful effects of terms such as item, tandoori murgi, butter, Pataka, and bomb on the objectification and devaluation of women.

As part of its campaign, boAt will launch several phases designed to engage, educate, and encourage a shift in how women are talked about and treated in the entertainment industry and beyond. One of the pioneering initiatives is the creation of ‘Ai-tem’ - a custom ChatGpt, an AI tool that provides fresh lyrics which are less profane, ultimately empowering women rather than objectifying them.

On the occasion Aman Gupta, co-founder and CMO of boAt said. "We are committed to leading a movement towards a more positive and empowering portrayal of women in lyrics and music. Harnessing the power of humor, satire, and innovative AI technology, we aim to rewrite the narrative and give women the recognition they deserve. It's time to write the right song, acknowledging women for who they are and offering an alternative and respectful perspective that celebrates and empowers women."

The campaign's execution begins with featuring a satirical standup video by a renowned female comedian Aishwarya Mohanraj. Using PowerPoint slides as visual aids, she humorously deconstructs the absurdity of using terms meant for inanimate objects or food to refer to women. The presentation highlights the literal meaning of these terms and the comedic contrast with their usage in songs, sparking thought and conversation about the underlying issue of objectification.

To further amplify the campaign's reach, boAt has collaborated with quick commerce apps like Swiggy Food, and Zepto to draw collaborative content for OOH. The content will showcase these brands as the "real items," effectively drawing a clear distinction between objects and women, reinforcing that women are not commodities.

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