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BOBCARD launches #AurKyaChahiye campaign to showcase the benefits of UPI-linked credit cards

The campaign highlights the convenience and innovation of linking credit cards to UPI, enabling users to access their credit cards easily.

BOBCARD (formerly known as BOB Financial Solutions), a subsidiary of Bank of Baroda, unveils #AurKyaChahiye campaign, showcasing the smooth integration of RuPay BOBCARD with UPI, enhancing customer experience and providing convenience for everyday digital transactions and instant access to credit.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among consumers about the capabilities of RuPay BOBCARD on the UPI platform, enabling users to access their credit cards with ease. Through a humorous and relatable narrative featuring an auto-rickshaw driver and a passenger, the campaign illustrates the benefits of linking credit cards to UPI, emphasising convenience and innovation in digital payments.

In a bustling railway station setting, the campaign's protagonist, an auto-rickshaw driver, witnesses the frustration caused by traditional payment methods. However, the mood shifts when he introduces the simplicity of UPI-linked credit cards to the passenger. The subsequent scenes showcase the passenger seamlessly using the service with a tagline “Galat time mein out of balance mat ho jaye, Aaj hi UPI pe RuPay BOBCARD apnaye #AurKyaChahiye”, ultimately empowering her with the ability to transact without worrying about running out of cash or balance even for small ticket size payments.

Ravindra Rai M, deputy managing director, BOBCARD, commented on the launch, stating, "In recent years, UPI payments have experienced significant growth, yet credit card users have been deprived of the advantages of UPI transactions. The recent integration of RuPay credit cards onto the UPI platform by RBI and NPCI has effectively filled this void. BOBCARD stands out as an early adopter of this regulatory initiative, ensuring our customers never worry about running out of funds, even for small day-to-day transactions, with unparalleled ease and speed."

He continued, “From corner Kirana shops to large supermarkets, UPI payments have become a favorite among all. They're fast, effortless, and eliminate the need for cash – making them the ideal choice for your busy lifestyle. With the introduction of RuPay Credit Cards on the UPI platform, consumers now enjoy enhanced convenience and instant credit availability that led to greater customer satisfaction. Our #AurKyaChahiye campaign strives to educate users about the perks of UPI-linked credit cards through real-life scenarios portrayed in a series of digital films. This initiative seeks to accelerate the adoption of digital payments, supporting our vision of a cashless economy."

The campaign targets the Indian smartphone users to guide them on the ease of using credit card on UPI through various use cases where credit card can be used instead of cash or any other payment mode for quick and hassle-free transactions.

#AurKyaChahiye campaign by BOBCARD
#AurKyaChahiye campaign by BOBCARD

“In our journey of transformation, we wanted every experience with BOBCARD to be reimagined like never before. The ability to scan and pay through UPI with your RuPay BOBCARD is one such step to forge meaningful connections with our audience and stay ahead of the curve. So, it was a strategic move to communicate about this revolutionary feature in the modern Indian banking system, in the language that most Indians emotionally associate with – Bollywood. We reimagined and recreated some iconic scenes from the B-Town to drive 'Top of the mind' recall and reaffirm our commitment to stay relevant,” said Sunil Gangras, head of creative services, Liqvd Asia.

Linking RuPay credit cards with UPI offers numerous benefits. It simplifies financial activities, enables instant transactions, enhances security, and provides access to a credit line. The #AurKyaChahiye campaign stimulates the ease and versatility of UPI-linked credit cards, urging users to embrace digital payments with RuPay BOBCARD on UPI. It will be promoted across brand channels encompassing socials, email, strategic PR and more.

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