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Boman Irani and Sons associated for the first time in a heartwarming campaign film

The latest DVC featuring Boman Irani and his sons Kayoze Irani and Danesh Irani brings alive a celebration of a man and a father's legacy .

Legendary actor Boman Irani and his sons Kayoze Irani and Danesh Irani are seen coming together for the first time to celebrate Legacy Collective, a Lifestyle Brand from the house of Bacardi India. The heartwarming DVC portrays the modern-day relationship between a father and son by showcasing a father’s legacy through the eyes of his sons.

Talking about his experience, Actor and Father Boman Irani said, “I really enjoyed working on this film, especially since it was the first time the three of us came together in front of the camera. It so subtly and nicely captures the bond between a father and his sons, while touching upon the legacy that a father creates in his lifetime.”

The film opens with Boman Irani waking up on Father's Day missing his sons. He waits around all day for a surprise, only to be disappointed at every step of the way. However, his sons eventually surprise him by showing up as Boman's iconic characters, with a humorous banner proclaiming "HFD!" The film showcases the loving bond between a father and his sons, filled with humour, banter, and sentimental moments as it concludes with a toast to Boman's legacy and a heartfelt gift from his sons, the Legacy Collective box, symbolising their love and appreciation for him. The film captures the essence of Boman's multifaceted persona and showcases the true picture of the man and the legend, highlighting the significance of his role as a father in his personal life and leaving a lasting impact on his children.

Commenting on the release of the film, Ayaesha Gooptu, head of domestic Brown Spirits, Bacardi, India & LEGACY COLLECTIVE, said, “LEGACY COLLECTIVE is a celebration of homegrown brands and stories rooted in Indianness. The latest DVC by LEGACY COLLECTIVE beautifully captures this ethos of the platform through light-hearted yet evocative story-telling. Featuring Boman Irani and his sons Kayoze Irani and Danesh Irani together for the very first time, the Father’s Day exclusive video comes as an authentic celebration of the heartwarming relationship fathers share with their children and the legacy of countless memories that they build together in the process, on this special occasion.

Committed to celebrating the stories of the disruptors, innovators, and changemakers who are on their journey towards building their legacy as they pave their path to success, OML Entertainment conceptualised this film to weave a fresh narrative that aims to strike a relatable chord with the audiences.

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