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Bombay Shaving Company launches its 18-hour flash sale ft. founder Shantanu Deshpande

The debut of the 18-hour flash sale is set for January 18, 2024, exclusively on its website.

Shantanu Deshpande, founder and CEO of Bombay Shaving Company, recently featured in its latest 18-hour flash sale campaign video. The campaign incorporates the infamous LinkedIn post of the founder, that aimed to encourage young working professionals to indulge in their 18-hour work schedule.

Breaking free from the shadows of last year's post, he rewrites the narrative with a monthly shopping offer. The company is set to launch the 18-hour flash sale– an offer created for the 18th day of each month.

This experience will be hosted on a dedicated founder-led store featuring curated grooming products and recommendations from Shantanu himself. The campaign aims to steer the narrative into a positive direction, mirroring both the brand and founder's spirit.

Highlights of the sale include:

The 18-hour sale will be a monthly feature dropping on the 18th day of each month, kicking off at 1800hrs for a duration of 18 hours.

The sale will unveil an exclusive collection of its razors, trimmers, and grooming products, coupled with the founder's personalised tips.

Beyond products, the sale aims to offer merchandise and content to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Gauri Malhotra, chief marketing officer at Bombay Shaving Company, said, "We aim to deliver fresh and exciting experiences for a new generation of Indian shoppers, known for their experimental and online-first nature."

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