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Bombay Shaving Company's CEO Shantanu Deshpande leads “SENSI Brigade” to rescue shavers in new spot

The digital campaign is conceptualised by the Mumbai-based marketing and advertising agency Sideways.

Bombay Shaving Company, known for its hair removal products for a new generation of Indians, has launched a new campaign video for its Sensi Smart 3 Razor– “Be SENSI”. The campaign highlights the benefits of its Sensi Smart 3 razor for first-time and early shavers, who are tentative of shaving - fearing razor burns and a harsh shaving experience from regular razors.

In the video, Bombay Shaving Company’s Founder and CEO, Shantanu Deshpande is seen making an appearance as a firefighter, leading the “SENSI Brigade” and rescuing a young man who is in extreme discomfort caused by using a ‘Razor that Burn’. Shantanu provides the shaver with the ideal razor for everyday, Sensitive on Skin Shaves, the Sensi Smart 3 (with Aloe Lubricating strip) .

This digital campaign addresses the prevalent concerns of the consumers fearing razor burns, especially among the first-time and early shavers. It also provides a perfect solution with the Sensi Smart 3 razor, boasting an Aloe cooling strip, in a fresh and humorous way. Adding another dimension to the founder-led brand building strategy, the campaign video features Shantanu Deshpande, the founder of Bombay Shaving Company leading the charge with his “Sensi Brigade” to fight Razor burns that are Non-Sensi.

Conceptualised by the Mumbai-based marketing and advertising agency Sideways, the campaign aims to strengthen its reach through a comprehensive 360-degree marketing strategy across both online and offline channels. By fostering loyalty among young shavers, the campaign is set to solidify Bombay Shaving Company's position as the preferred choice for hair removal and grooming needs in the market.

Commenting on the same, Gauri Malhotra, chief marketing office, Bombay Shaving Company said “As a consumer-focused Indian brand deeply rooted in developing products that are designed for Indian Skin and hair removal needs, we felt that it was necessary to provide an accessible and affordable solution (without compromising on best-in-class system razor experience) to young shavers who fear that shaving would lead to razor burns that would hurt their skin. While current brands in the category encourage shaver to upgrade to better razors at an extra price, we saw an opportunity to address this concern head on with a Sensitive on Skin and Smartly priced razor. This Sensi Smart 3 razor is a 3 blade system razor with an Aloe lubricating strip that’s Sensitive on Skin, available at just Rs 99, and provides bes in class shaving experience. This product has exceeded our initial expectations, and the feedback and reviews have been great. With these consumer first principles, and robust marketing initiatives, we are excited to make the Sensi Razor portfolio even stronger in the coming months."

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