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BOULT partners with Ford Mustang in India; introduces the BOULT Torq, BOULT Dash, and BOULT Derby

It aims to cater to young, tech-savvy, and luxury car enthusiasts through technology and features, showcasing style, excellence, and speed.

BOULT, India's audio brand, unveils a partnership with Ford Mustang in India. Both BOULT and Ford Mustang are committed to making technology accessible to everyone. BOULT’s ethos revolves around striving for better performance and delivering an unmatched experience. This partnership aims to provide buyers with a sense of adventure through technology and exceptional features.

The tie-up with Ford Mustang is a testament to the shared pursuit of style, excellence and speed. With the introduction of the new BOULT Torq, BOULT Dash, and BOULT Derby, the brand intends to target the young, tech-savvy and luxury car enthusiast’s buyer segment.

This partnership with Ford Mustang gives BOULT access to the heritage and superlative design insights of the brand enabling Indian wearable manufacturer to work with the Ford Mustang team on bringing alive the years of unique Mustang designs to the new audio range by BOULT. The product line also opens up new avenues to leverage the aspirational audience segment who look forward to design supremacy in their favorite audio products.

"We are thrilled to partner with Ford Mustang, a brand that shares our dedication to style, excellence, and speed," said Varun Gupta, Co-founder, BOULT. Through this collaboration, we aim to captivate the young and tech-savvy buyer segment with our new offerings: BOULT Torq, BOULT Dash, and BOULT Derby. This long-term partnership not only opens up doors to a new audience segment but also gives an opportunity to look at product design in a new way."

"Partnering with Ford Mustang is a groundbreaking moment for BOULT, igniting a new era of innovation and excellence," said Tom Stany, senior brand & category manager, BOULT. "Together, we are not just launching products; we are crafting experiences that embody the thrill of speed and the essence of cutting-edge technology. The BOULT Torq, BOULT Dash, and BOULT Derby are more than audio devices; they are a testament to our commitment to inspire and elevate the everyday lives of our consumers. This collaboration is a celebration of our shared vision to push boundaries and create something truly extraordinary."

The partnership commenced earlier this year and will see the launch of multiple products throughout the coming months, each designed to elevate the audio experience. The design partnership will be a driving force for BOULT for the years to come making it unique for the audio industry.

To celebrate this collaboration, BOULT has produced a digital film entirely conceptualised and shot in-house by BOULT’s creative team. This film not only highlights the synergy between BOULT and Ford Mustang but also showcases the spirit driving both brands forward and brings in a new era of design language for BOULT.

The film opens up with shots of Ford Mustang racing through a track with each frame highlighting how the new products have been designed taking inspiration from the various elements of the car.

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