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Burger King and McDonald’s are at it again; this time over an active volcano

The ‘Whopper Island’ ad gives a NatGeo documentary feel with David Attenborough’s voice as the narrator.

Burger King Brazil has embarked on a campaign inviting ardent Whopper enthusiasts to join forces in an extraordinary quest to rename a remote volcanic island, McDonald Island on Google Maps. Positioned between Madagascar and Antarctica in the Indian Ocean, this seemingly insignificant landmass is the focal point of Burger King's playful endeavour.

Conceptualised by DM9 Brazil, the campaign unfolds through a two-minute mockumentary to engage and entertain viewers. The uninhabited island, with its active volcano spewing real fire, serves as an unexpected canvas for Burger King's strategic creativity.

The commentator expresses both amusement and dubiousness as he laments the island's association with McDonald's golden arches. This imparts a NatGeo documentary feel, reminiscent of David Attenborough's voice as the narrator.

The remote island, obscured by its anonymity, becomes a symbol of Burger King's commitment to uniqueness and a rebellion against the universality of its fast-food rival. The cinematic narrative emphasises the island's persona, portraying it as a place that deserves a name far removed from the reach of the conventional fast-food giant. With compelling visuals and witty commentary, the mockumentary transforms the island from a geographical oddity to a battleground for brand distinction.

However, Burger King Brazil does not merely stop at storytelling. The audience is actively encouraged to partake in this audacious venture. The ad directs viewers to access Google Maps and locate the island through its precise coordinates: 53º04’35.69”S 73º30’49.18”E. The participants are invited to comment with the hashtag #IlhaWhopper, expressing their desire to see the island transformed into "Whopper Island".

To sweeten the deal, Burger King Brazil announces that participants who contribute to the campaign stand a chance to win a coveted Whopper coupon. This adds an element of gamification to the initiative, turning the act of renaming an island into a rewarding experience for the audience.

By leveraging a remote and virtually unknown location, the brand manages to turn a simple act of renaming into a captivating story. The interactive element ensures that consumers become active participants in the campaign, transforming it from a mere promotion into a shared experience.

The long-standing rivalry between Burger King and McDonald's dates back to the early days of the fast-food battlefield. Both giants emerged almost simultaneously, with McDonald's launching in 1955 and Burger King following closely in 1954.

One of the most popular videos is by the Epic Rap Battles – Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King which garnered 26 million views on its YouTube channel. It has also sparked various food channels to publish competitive reviews, ASMR videos, and memes.

In 2002, the brand (Burger King) rolled out a campaign featuring Ronald McDonald discreetly eating a meal from its food outlet.

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