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Burger King lays down 'anda kanoon' for egg burgers

QSR chain Burger King has laid down a set of rules or 'kanoon' in an ad for its line of egg burgers. The communication about the restaurant's King Egg burgers is part of a World Egg Day (October 11) campaign. The set of five rules, which make up the ad copy, are actually morphed versions of popular phrases accompanied by an expanded explanation of the ‘kanoon'.

The copy includes rules like 'Yolk with respect - A burger eggstraordinaire that will change the way you look at eggs.' And, 'A bad egg – Something you stop believing once you come across this eggceptional range.' The range of egg offerings include variants of the King Egg burger and the recently launched King Egg wrap.

In December last year, the brand launched the #WheneverYourMorningBegins campaign for its egg burgers. The brand then not only rode on the identity of eggs as a breakfast food but also cleverly positioned the egg burger away from the breakfast scenario with the 'Whenever your morning begins' tag. Essentially saying that although its an egg burger it can be consumed at any hour.

McDonald’s, Burger King's archrival, launched its McEgg burger in India in August 2012, two years before Burger King's King Egg burgers launched in India. Food historian Pushpesh Pant, in an interview with Business Today, mentions that the egg in the burger, just like the 'aloo tikki', lamb, chicken and fish, was an attempt by the global burger brands to transform themselves from the 'beef patty in a bun' to adapt to Indian palates.

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