Ruchika Jha

Burger King's 70th anniversary celebrates enduring romance of older couples

The campaign debuted in Brazil and is now set for a global rollout.

Burger King celebrated its 70th birthday by showing that it is still going strong after seven decades. They introduced a campaign where older couples show their love, just like the company’s fire is still burning. In this campaign, the fast-food restaurant confronts societal expectations and taboos related to desire among older individuals.

Its theme - 70 years later the fire's still burning, honours the company's tradition of flame-grilling since 1954. In the Burger King drive-thru and parking lot, the visuals show a few elderly couples wrapped in loving embraces, affirming their enduring love and passion even after 70 years. The campaign initially started in Brazil and will soon be seen all around the world.

Created by Buenos Aires-based creative agencies Room 23 and Trans Company, the burger chain has launched a series of print and digital ad shots by fashion photographer Guy Aroch. The campaign brings out visuals of elderly people making out with one another at several places to show their love.

To amplify the campaign, the fast-food franchise launched a new advertisement centring on the love story of two devoted Burger King fans.

The 30-second ad titled Chama Acesa, which loosely translates to Lit Fire in English, offers viewers an intimate glimpse into how an elderly couple maintain their love burning strong even after being with each other for years.

While munching on their burgers, the couple is asked how they have managed to stay together for so long. To this, they joke that it is all about the “fire” - which also happens to be why Burger King's flame-grilled Whoppers are still so popular.

After completing their meal together, the commercial wraps up with a special offer for customers, offering two Whoppers for just $25. This highlights the brand's famous cooking method and tells the story through the perspective of long-time couples who still maintain their love over the years.

Sebastian Wilhelm, the creative director, talked about the objective behind launching the latest Burger King campaign. He said it is different from typical anniversary ads that just pat themselves on the back.

“We wanted to create something meaningful and relevant for consumers. The idea of highlighting Burger King’s flame-grilled burgers, combined with the brand’s cheeky tone and the unconventional portrayal of desire among older individuals, resonated with us,” he states.

Maxi Anselmo, co-creative director, says, “In an industry where older individuals are often sidelined or overlooked, we wanted to shine a spotlight on their vitality and desire. By showcasing seniors engaging in intimate moments, we’re breaking barriers and inviting viewers to embrace the idea that desire knows no age limit.”

Departing from its typical approach of teasing McDonald's, Burger King's latest campaign takes a fresh direction. Known for its bold style, playful humour, and frank societal commentary, its ads maintain their distinctive edge.

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