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Burger King's new Whopper reeks of social distancing

It has tripled the onions in the Whopper, introduced social distancing crowns, and yes, the brand has taken a dig at McDonald's too.

Brands today are apologetic about selling considering the worrisome situation Coronavirus has brought and how consumers may respond to explicit selling.

But, these are brands and then there's Burger King. The fast-food major and roast master supreme has once again caught eyeballs with its communication that not only emphasises social distancing but takes a dig at McDonald's, of course.

For starters, this ad from Burger King Italy says the Whopper now comes with triple the number of raw onions. Why? Because the stench of the onion breath is good enough to keep people away from you – social distancing achieved. Whopper enjoyed too.

This poster uploaded on a social media channel says it all. Talk about product promotion while being considerate about consumer safety.

Burger King's new Whopper reeks of social distancing

Now, take a look at this store covering. Yes, the Burger King outlet is closed but the messaging on it is quite open about the intended target. Such digs have become a legend in the advertising world. And yes, it encourages social distancing too.

For Valentine's Day 2020, Burger King India released a video that parodied Ronald McDonald as a lonely figure and then encouraged people to post a selfie with the clown and share it on Burger King's social media handles to enjoy a free Whopper.

And then in Germany where restaurants have opened their dine-in service, Burger King introduced the 'social distancing crowns' that keep two people six-feet away from each other.

"distancing, but make it fashion" says the caption. Indeed.