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Cadbury Dairy Milk's ad shows how it owns the 'sweet thank you' space

A chocolate as a way of thanking someone is one of the sweetest acts.

How do you say, or express your, 'thanks' to someone? Many simply say, 'Thank you'. Some say 'Thank you' and then hug the person. A few do these two acts together and then express the same with a smiley emoji over WhatsApp. And some simply offer a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate to express their thanks.

Yes, you read it right. After all, what better way to say 'thanks' than offer a chocolate. It's sweet and gets the message across better than most other ways.

What's important to note here is how Cadbury Dairy Milk owns this space. The 'Silk' variant owns the romantic space, 'Celebrations' rules when it’s festival time, and the original classic Dairy Milk does your work flawlessly when it comes to saying 'Thank you'.

We say this after coming across this ad from the chocolate major. It was released around a month ago, but we came across an edited version a few days ago. The minute-long ad features Ganesh, a driver, who returns from his son's classroom to the car where his employer is waiting for him. After Ganesh happily tells his son's marks to his boss, he takes out a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar from his pocket and offers it to 'Sir'.

Why? It's because 'Sir' would often drive to the school to pick up Ganesh, who now has the time to go to his son's school. The ad's description on YouTube says, "The littlest things we do go the furthest. And sometimes, the sweetest way to #SayThankYou is not in words."

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Back in April, Mondelez India launched a limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Thank You’ bar in recognition of the generous spirit of the country’s unsung heroes during the difficult COVID times.

It said it would commit a part of the proceeds (in a partnership with Nirmana, an NGO that works with the unorganised sector) from the limited edition bar sale towards daily wage earners’ health insurance policies.

It just goes to show how a Dairy Milk is as good a thank you as one can offer.