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Cadbury Dairy Milk's IPL campaign celebrates the 'First Coach' behind cricketers

The campaign encourages fans to express gratitude to their first coaches, emphasising the power of appreciation in fostering talent.

Cadbury Dairy Milk pays homage to the unsung heroes behind the success of our beloved cricket stars with its #ThankYouFirstCoach campaign. Through a 2-part series of films, the campaign shines a spotlight on the mentors a.k.a our cricketer’s first coaches who were the first ones to recognise and nurture their talent from grassroots to grandeur.

Echoing the brand’s purpose of generosity, Cadbury Dairy Milk's #ThankYouFirstCoach campaign features the coaches of cricketers Surya Kumar of Mumbai Indians and KL Rahul of Lucknow Super Giants, depicting their tributes to their first coaches, who played pivotal roles in shaping their careers.

From the streets to the stadiums, these films capture the profound gratitude and emotion exchanged between players and mentors. The campaign also encourages fans to participate by expressing gratitude to their first coaches, highlighting the power of appreciation in nurturing talent and fostering aspirations.

Over the years, Cadbury Dairy Milk has built on its core guiding principle of evoking generosity by regularly shining a spotlight on often unnoticed or unacknowledged people in society. As #ThankYouFirstCoach sweeps across the nation, Cadbury Dairy Milk invites everyone to share in the sweetness of gratitude and recognise the profound impact of first coaches in shaping the future of cricket.

Commenting on the campaign, Nitin Saini, VP- Marketing, Mondelez India said, “ Through this emotional odyssey, we not only celebrate the transformative power of gratitude but also champion the profound impact of these guiding lights in shaping dreams and fostering talent- the first risk-takers, the first believers, the first mentors. As we honour the silent architects behind cricket's success stories, we invite everyone to join us in this heartfelt tribute, embracing the sweetness of appreciation and the joy of acknowledging those who paved the way for greatness."

Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India added “Cadbury Dairy Milk has been using the biggest cricketing event in the country, IPL, to shine the spotlight on those important aspects of the game that don’t get the due recognition. This year it’s the first coaches of the stars of cricket. Our starting point was a simple question, when fans cheer for the players every time they play their famous shots, do they really know who would have helped them develop that shot before they become popular? We simply wanted to acknowledge these GURUs of the game and nudge the country to thank them for their contribution towards the game, moreover towards turning our favourite players into stars.”

Shekhar Banerjee, chief client officer & office head, West, North & East, Wavemaker India mentioned “Cadbury Dairy Milk’s latest campaign stands as a testament to the often-overlooked heroes behind our cricketing legends—their first coaches. Through this campaign across multiple touchpoints and unique partnerships, we are dedicated to bringing in the limelight to these unsung heroes who shaped our cricket stars. Watch out as we unveil this heartfelt tribute to the first coaches during this highly anticipated IPL season.”

As part of the campaign, special jerseys are being designed for these mentors, honoured with the names of their pupils from Mumbai Indians and Lucknow Super Giants. In addition to this, Cadbury Dairy Milk has introduced special packs that allow fans to join the #ThankYouFirstCoach movement, serving as a tangible symbol of gratitude for their own mentors.

Cadbury Dairy Milk's #ThankYouFirstCoach pack
Cadbury Dairy Milk's #ThankYouFirstCoach pack

Furthermore, as a gesture of appreciation, the brand is extending an exclusive invitation to the first coaches of every IPL player to join them in the family box during matches. Here, cricketers will have the opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank their coaches, symbolically bowing to them in recognition of their invaluable contribution to their journey. This experience not only celebrates the unsung heroes of cricket but also fosters a sense of connection and gratitude within the sporting community.

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