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Can Dunzo's sequel to its '22 IPL campaign deliver?

This year's IPL has seen a few lacklustre spots, the delivery app will need something special to stand out.

Last year, during the final of the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), viewers were left confused when quick commerce platform Dunzo flashed a QR code for 20 seconds, with a copy that read, ‘Inconvenience is regretted. Convenience is not.’ The brand wanted a complete media blackout in India by creating 20 seconds of silence.

This ‘break the Internet’ strategy became a talking point across the country. The brand revealed that on May 29, 2022, when the QR code campaign ran, it saw a 10x spike in traffic. Even today, the QR campaign is talked about. So, what will be Dunzo’s IPL strategy this year?

“Last year was an experiment. This year, we may do an extension of the QR code campaign,” shares Tanveer Khan, AGM, brand and marketing, Dunzo.

How is the brand’s IPL strategy for 2023 different from 2022?

Speaking about the brand’s plans for IPL 2023, Khan shares, “During IPL 2022, the brand launched ‘Dunzo Daily’. We wanted to reach out to the maximum number of consumers to create awareness about the category.”

“This year, the intent is to be at the top of our consumers’ mind and give them the content they like to consume. We’re trying to reach out to our existing consumer base this year.”

While Dunzo’s IPL association last year was all about creating clutter breaking content, this year, the brand has a different target.

“Our aim is strategic and RoI-driven marketing. For IPL 2023, we wanted to capitalise on our current user traffic as much as possible,” states Khan.

The brand will be using in-app communication, social media and digital platforms for this year’s IPL.

“Previously, we conducted experiments and found that running ads that complement ongoing major events, result in better click-through rates and downstream metrics, which ultimately benefit our business. Therefore, our goal is to create content and use cases that position Dunzo within the context of the IPL. For the first time, we’ve produced 3D content, using mascots from our ‘Duniverse’,” mentions Khan.

The use of mascots

Dunzo has recently revived the practice of using its mascots to promote its products. From delivery partners, merchants to customers, the brand has been creating marketing strategies that focus on mascots and ‘Duniverse’. The brand plans to use these mascots for this year’s IPL.

“Our mascots play a crucial role in humanising our brand. In addition to being featured prominently on our social media platforms and internal communication channels, we ensure that they appear at direct customer touchpoints, such as in-app communication,” says Khan.

By using in-app communication, the brand aims to produce contextual and captivating content that resonates with its users. For this, the brand is targeting two key areas in the Dunzo app - the Splash and Track Order screens.

Can Dunzo's sequel to its '22 IPL campaign deliver?

“These areas were chosen due to their high visibility and frequent user interaction, making them strong touchpoints for promoting our brand,” states Khan.

How will in-app communication work for the brand?

The brand has conceptualised its content based on a particular city. There will be a different Splash screen for every city. For instance, Bengaluru’s Splash screen will read, ‘Ee sala grocery namde’. Hyderabad’s Splash screen will read, ‘Kirak delivery incoming’.

Can Dunzo's sequel to its '22 IPL campaign deliver?

“Different Splash screens will have different contextually-driven IPL content, with a pun on the grocery service,” mentions Khan.

The brand has also tried to bring in some elements of cricket in the Track Order screen.

Splash and Track Order screens will go live in the second half of the IPL, i.e., mid-May onwards. The brand will also launch video content, based on consumer insights, on its social media and digital platforms.

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