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Canon India launches a quirky campaign to highlight the importance of cameras in capturing timeless moments

The campaign sheds the spotlight on the recently launched compact and portable cameras, Canon PowerShot V10 and Canon EOS R100.

Canon India, has launched a new creative campaign titled ‘Some Things are Best Left to Canon’. The campaign highlights, moments that are too precious, too close, and too personal, are best captured by superior technology camera, to cherish for years to come.

With a humours twist, Canon India playfully encourages users to capture life's treasured moments, with its latest, feature rich and compact range of cameras, namely the PowerShot V10 and EOS R100 that enables an uninterrupted and distraction-free photography and videography experience.

The campaign has been brought alive through four relatable short films, with each one narrating a story that we can all connect to; starting from a father being unable to capture his son's winning football goal, to a vlogger's video-shooting woes while capturing a mushtanda's awe-inspiring flying roti technique for his followers, further a young boy's courageous zipline experience missed being recorded by his family, to a young creators inability to live stream, all due to disruptions and continuous notifications. Overall, the campaign films serve as a comic yet meaningful reminders of why Canon's latest cameras; PowerShot V10 and EOS R100 would have been the right fit for each of the depicted situations to go the other way around, with its portable, ergonomic design, and high-quality footage capabilities. Above all, unhindered by notification pop ups and updates. 

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, C Sukumaran, senior director for Product and Communication, Canon India said, “Photography & videography is an integral part of our lives nowadays and at Canon India, it is our constant endeavor to create products that empower the users of today with the best-in-class capturing experience. Our latest compact cameras, first being the PowerShot V10, the new video-centric device for content creators and EOS R100, the perfect go-to camera for all, as it’s the most affordable EOS R camera till date, both have been launched keeping in mind the desire to click, and shoot on an everyday basis to further build on to the love of photography and videography. Thus, through a humorous take, our new campaign enunciates the fact that capturing life’s most cherished memories are best left to Canon’s imaging technology, highlighting the significance of seamless clicking experience among the masses. We are confident that everyone watching will relate to one film or the other and resonate the sentiment."

Powered by Transformation at its core, Canon India has been witnessing a successful upward trajectory with year-on-year growth while showing the utmost agility by foraying into new avenues as a 360degree digital imaging solutions provider. As it further solidifies its industry leadership in this world of ever-evolving technology, it stands committed to provide products and solutions that cater to an array of customer needs. 

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