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Coca-Cola kicks off 2024 with a 'family' reunion in latest spot inspired by ‘The Bear’

The ad organically connects the brand’s range of drinks with everyday small moments in life.

For the first time in 130 years, The Coca-Cola Company has crafted a campaign that weaves together multiple products in one advert. The company has kicked-off 2024 with a TVC featuring multiple brands from its diverse portfolio. Products including the classic Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Honest Juice, and more are all featured in the commercial.

This departure from the norm is noteworthy for a brand like Coca-Cola which relies heavily on the personal branding of each of its offerings. The campaign was developed by Majority- a diversity-focused creative agency. WPP, which happens to be Coca-Cola’s Global Marketing Network Partner, recently bought 30% stakes in Majority. 

The ad is inspired by the famous Hulu series, The Bear- which centres around imperfect families and a lot of chaos. Coca-Cola’s spot The New Guy also captures the events that unfold when a man meets his girlfriend’s family for the first time. The ad portrays the American ‘Game Day’ tradition where families come together to watch sports and cheer for their home teams. It recalls one of the episodes of the series that focused on an intense Christmas dinner and is directed by Christopher Storer (also the director of the series).

The ad shows different drinks from the house of Coca-Cola being organically woven into the story. For example, two uncles are seen arguing about the guest’s height while holding cans of Coca-Cola and Coke Zero, while a young woman is seen witnessing this fight with a bottle of Smartwater in her hand.

One of the uncles sips down some Sprite kept at the kitchen table after he accidently gulps down some hot food right out of the oven. In another instance, young kids are seen running around the house asking for some Honest Juice. The film circles back to a table where all the different drinks from the company’s portfolio are kept together and the entire family is seen watching the game and cheering for their team.

The chaotic family and its different members mirror Coca-Cola’s diverse portfolio of drinks as well as consumers. Through this, Coca-Cola is telling people that its portfolio is made not only for individuals but also for families, and there is something for everyone. The metaphorical significance of the "New Guy" underscores the idea that all individuals are welcome to be part of the Coca-Cola family.

Coca-Cola has a record of sponsoring a number of big-ticket sports properties like the Wimbledon, FIFA World Cup, and Rugby World Cups. The conclusion of the film features a text stating ‘Coca-Cola’ proud sponsors of ‘What matters the most’- giving out a message that the brand affords equal importance to its consumers, families, and the quality time they spend together. 

The ad’s messaging further draws parallels with another recent campaign from Coca-Cola India that portrayed Coca-Cola to be an integral part of Durga Pujo celebrations. While providing a snapshot of the annual Pujo experience in cities like Kolkata, the ad cleverly weaved together the elements of nostalgia, vibrancy, and flavours of Durga Pujo.

Apart from the 90-second spot, the campaign is supported by 40,000 individual pieces of creative that will run across programmatic, out-of-home, display and beyond.

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