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Coca-Cola lights up the Burj Khalifa with some real magic

Real Magic is the beverage giant’s new brand philosophy.

The Burj Khalifa is not only a monstrosity of steel and glass, it doubles up as the biggest advertising media on the planet. A skyscraper of over one hundred floors lit up and all people can see is your brand.

Coca-Cola felt this way a few days ago.

The beverage major, in a fresh campaign and first of ‘22, lit up the skyscraper in an attempt to further promote its new brand identity ‘Real Magic’.

A large red button was placed near the Burj Khalifa and as more and more curious onlookers would stand on it, the button would press down further and the skyscraper would fill up with an equivalent amount of red colour, Coca-Cola’s colours.

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Real Magic, adopted last year, is Coca Cola’s new brand identity. “… We can find magic all around us when we come together in unexpected moments that elevate the everyday into the extraordinary. It also acknowledges the many contradictions experienced as new generations find harmony and human connection in a virtual and divided world,” said the brand about it last year.

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